The Miracle Equation: The Two Decisions That Turn Your

The Miracle Equation: The Two Decisions That Turn Your Biggest Goals from Possible, to Probable, to Inevitable Hal Elrod, motivational speaker and author of the bestselling book The Miracle Morning, shares his miracle equation, the secret to unlocking happiness, success, and your full potential.You Are Only Two Decisions Away from Everything You WantIf you are a regular in the personal development world, you might have heard that anything is possible Yet possible isn t enough to get you out of bed in the morning fueled with the internal clarity and motivation to tackle your biggest dreams After the success of his first book, Hal Elrod wanted to provide that motivation a timeless, proven formula that helped him succeed as a young salesman and thrive against the greatest odds, from life threatening health challenges to near financial collapse The Miracle Equation is that formula, and it consists of only two decisions that guarantee extraordinary levels of success and fulfillment Unwavering Faith and Extraordinary Effort.By establishing and maintaining unwavering faith that you can achieve your goal, and then putting forth extraordinary effort until you do, your success is inevitable Using the same strategy as the world s top achievers, you ll create results beyond what you believe possible You ll learn how to replace fear with faith and let go of your negative emotions, accessing your full potential and channeling your energy into attaining positive outcomes With the Miracle Equation 30 Day Challenge to guide your way, you ll create a step by step plan to actualize your miracle and become the person you need to be in order to succeed.

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    THE TOP 10 THINGS I LEARNED FROM THE MIRACLE EQUATION BY Hal Elrod.This book is extraordinary While most books change your mind and thoughts, or simply seek to informThe Miracle Equation is the RARE book that actually changes your BEHAVIOR.I m a big Miracle Morning fan, and that was the great thing about it, too it gave a process to use to make life better.While that one gave you a ste

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    I ve read hundreds of non fiction titles mostly self help and business There is absolutely nothing new here, and I think the author would agree with me Still, it s solid info, told in a nice casual way The book is absolutely solid in it s approach It s not particularly memorable for me, but I would certainly recommend it I haven t read any of his other books, so I don t come to this boo

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    I really enjoyed his first book, The Miracle Morning and was excited to read this one I found the book to be oversimplified, believe you can do something and work really hard at it The book was very difficult to get into and had to force myself to continue.

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    I respect what Hal has been through in his life and I liked the other books I ve read from him This one, however, is a I m better than you lecture disguised as a self help book and a repetitive, poorly edited one at that.

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    Hal Elrod has just launched his latest book The Miracle Equation.If you are the type of person who has big goals and you have been planning your success for years but just haven t quite got your finger out and realised your dreams this is the book for you Hal Elrod, wrote the Miracle Morning The Miracle Morning also has thriving online community who all commit every day to getting up early

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    I really enjoy using The Miracle Morning routine in my daily life and have seen its power I also found so many excellent quotes in this book and found it inspiring That said, I think The 12 Week Year says the same thing this book is saying, but 1 already said it many years ago and 2 says it in a way where a fully developed and measurable plan can be created for personal growth I will conti

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    I m a Hal Elrod fangirl Otherwise, I would never have read this book But I love him so much that I was like, okay, let s see what this miracle equation is about I had barely any idea what it was about going into this book, as I bought the audiobook on a whim This book was not something I felt was for me, as I don t have big goals I haven t already achieved i.e moving to Australia or am not a

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    Hal Elrod has done it again I read his book The Miracle Morning three years ago, and have been following his Miracle Morning community since then When I heard he was writing The Miracle Equation following his cancer journey, I was intrigued Hal does an extraordinary job explaining how to turn your biggest goals from possible, to probable, to inevitable I was skeptical at first that only two d

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    I first came across Hal Elrod about 2 ish years ago, when and youtubers were telling stories of how their life changed since implementing the Miracle Morning he promoted in his probably most popular book I only know him through that one, so my guess might be bias I never really gave it a second thought though.After listening to a podcast where he was the guest for the day, it finally clicked

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    My journey with Hal Elrod began about a year and a half ago with stumbling into The Miracle Morning Andit changed me I have control of my inner world, and see the positive effects in my outer world The Miracle Equation builds on that and gives you actionable items that WILL change your mindset and allow you to create your own miracles in your life becoming a miracle maven Hal may tell you thing

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