Biomaterials Science and Technology: Fundamentals and

Biomaterials Science and Technology: Fundamentals and Developments Biomaterials Science and Technology Fundamentals and Developments presents a broad scope of the field of biomaterials science and technology, focusing on theory, advances, and applications It reviews the fabrication and properties of different classes of biomaterials such as bioinert, bioactive, and bioresorbable, in addition to biocompatibility It further details traditional and recent techniques and methods that are utilized to characterize major properties of biomaterials The book also discusses modifications of biomaterials in order to tailor properties and thus accommodate different applications in the biomedical engineering fields and summarizes nanotechnology approaches to biomaterials This book targets students in advanced undergraduate and graduate levels in majors related to fields of Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering and Science, Biomedical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Life Sciences It assists in understanding major concepts of fabrication, modification, and possible applications of different classes of biomaterials It is also intended for professionals who are interested in recent advances in the emerging field of biomaterials

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