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#GROWLIKECHEF GROWLIKECHEF is an easy to follow guide to growing autoflowering marijuana in your home ChefAnnawiththepot made a name for himself on Instagram, documenting his journey on a weekly livestream series Chef wrote this book to serve his community, and anyone else joining the home grown marijuana movement Growing marijuana isn t complicated, and it shouldn t be overwhelming This guidedelivers a one size fits most plan and spills all of Chef s secrets, even his exact nutrient blend If you re tired of buying marijuana and want to free yourself from unreliable dealers, this book is for you.

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    Save your money and use Google instead.Nothing in this book you cant learn in an hour by googling The info here isnt in depth at all, like managing temp where the author didnt specify how to increase heat in the tent, it also included some outdated ideas, like flushing A complete waste of money.

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