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Ficciones The Seventeen Pieces In Ficciones Demonstrate The Whirlwind Of Borges S Genius And Mirror The Precision And Potency Of His Intellect And Inventiveness, His Piercing Irony, His Skepticism, And His Obsession With Fantasy Borges Sends Us On A Journey Into A Compelling, Bizarre, And Profoundly Resonant Realm We Enter The Fearful Sphere Of Pascal S Abyss, The Surreal And Literal Labyrinth Of Books, And The Iconography Of Eternal Return To Enter The Worlds In Ficciones Is To Enter The Mind Of Jorge Luis Borges, Wherein Lies Heaven, Hell, And Everything In Between Part One The Garden Of Forking Paths Prologue Tl N, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius 1940 The Approach To Al Mu Tasim 1936, Not Included In The 1941 Edition Pierre Menard, Author Of The Quixote 1939 The Circular Ruins 1940 The Lottery In Babylon 1941 An Examination Of The Work Of Herbert Quain 1941 The Library Of Babel 1941 The Garden Of Forking Paths 1941 Part Two Artifices Prologue Funes The Memorious 1942 The Form Of The Sword 1942 Theme Of The Traitor And The Hero 1944 Death And The Compass 1942 The Secret Miracle 1943 Three Versions Of Judas 1944 The End 1953, 2nd Edition Only The Sect Of The Phoenix 1952, 2nd Edition Only The South 1953, 2nd Edition Only

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    Reading Borges is always a challenge When you read his stories, it seems you are reading everyone else s There is a lot of references in his work, and if you want to truly kind of understand it or begin to , you have to do a little research He en

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    Even as a child, the Argentinian master storyteller Jorge Luis Borges lived among books and various languages myths, legends and literature from many civilizations and cultures Spanish, Chinese, Persian, Nordic, to name just a few His greatest childhood me

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    Borges looked inside the swirling mind of man and made a maze of it A glorious maze The maze that is Ficciones is a maze built of mazes, one opening unto another, circling around and looping back, an infinity of mazes, small as the smallest of small minds, large as

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    Blind to all fault, destiny can be ruthless at one s slightest distractionReading Jorge Luis Borges is a bewildering experience and a challenge all in one There is no logically understanding the mazes Borges creates, but that is what fantastical realism is all about Ficciones

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    3.5 There can be at times circumstances that effect your thoughts on what s being read Or even just the way that you read it This is one of those very occasion where I will undoubtedly benefit reading again It s clear to see why Jorge Luis Borges is regarded as one of the 20th century

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    Metaphor Infinity Sophistry Penumbra Symbolic LABYRINTH Heresiarch Prefigured Philology Nihilism Maze AllegoricalThis may not be the prettiest word cloud ever constructed, but I think it s a fair representation of the Ficciones experience Much of the time spent trying to solve the stories puzzle

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    The peer pressure from my intellectually superior friends finally shamed me into reading this as I had no Borges under my belt Obviously from the 5 stars, I m glad I caved in This is a collection of 17 of his best short stories, held together merely by the thread that they are like nothing else you ve eve

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    4.5 stars, rounding up I read and then reread several of these stories some of them for a third time while I was writing my final review for Fantasy Literature, and they keep impressing mefor the most part My literary friends will be so proud of me D So here s the full review, where you can follow along with the jo

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    To me Fictions by Jorge Luis Borges is the ultimate anthology of short stories I find in it everything I ever want to find in literature reality and surrealness, fables and parables, legends and myths, mysticism and philosophy, history and fantasy and an endless enigma I owe the discovery of Uqbar to the conjunction of a mir

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    Todav a no supero este libro Creo, el mejor de todos los libros de cuentos Borgianos Todav a no supero que los habitantes de tl n no crean en el espacio y su lenguaje este compuesto de una sucesi n infinita de verbos Todav a no supero la concepci n de un e...

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