Quick Sketching with Ron Husband: Revised and Expanded PDF

Quick Sketching with Ron Husband: Revised and Expanded Quick Sketching with Ron Husband offers instruction to quick sketching and all its techniques From observing positive and negative space and learning to recognize simple shapes in complex forms to action analysis and using line of action, this Disney legend teaches you how to sketch using all these components, and how to do it in a matter of seconds Watch his drawings as he grows from a young, talented artist, to a true Disney animator Follow him as he goes around the world and sketches flamenco dancers, football players, bakers, joggers, lions, tigers, anyone, and anythingKey FeaturesGet tips on quick sketching from a Disney legend who has animated or supervised some of your favourite recent Disney movies like The Fox and the Hound, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast Features artist s guide and handbook which provides instruction while chronicling the author s growth as an artist Quickly try out Husband s instructions and tips as you learn them in a sketchbook at the back of the book This new edition re emphasizes the four basic shapes and how important it is to recognize them in fast action Stressing the importance of observation and the vital part this discipline plays in sketching

About the Author: Ron Husband

Ron Husband born February 8, 1950 is an American character animator known for his work at Walt Disney Feature Animation, where he has worked since 1975.

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