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Slayer A Reverse Harem Paranormal RomanceAfter the death of her parents, sixteen year old Alivia Knight moves in with her aunt in the city of Edgewood She tries to build a new life for herself, which includes getting to know Kayden, Ryker, Liam, and Finn, the hotties of the schoolBut after barely escaping an attack from a monster, Alivia soon discovers she comes from a family of demon slayers, and that she is next in line Her days are now filled with learning to wield a sword and a crossbow, and hunting down the supernaturals that roam freely in the cityAnd the four hotties They re supernaturals, too A vampire, a werewolf, a dragon shifter, and the last one is so dangerous that he must be killed immediately Actually, it s Alivia s duty to slay them all But how can she when she starts developing strong feelings for all four of them Can the five of them change their destinies or are they doomed to live the life they were born into

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    Real rating 2.5 ALSO, when can I get half stars Was totally hoping for some Buffy vibes, but didn t get that Slayer is about Alivia Knight It always has to deal with Kayden, Ryker, Liam and Finn Now I love reverse harem books but I just kind of had some high hopes for this book I don t know why I did but I still e

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    I wanted to love this I really did It read like Buffy the Vampire Slayer with a harem I was messaging my friends about Buffy getting to be with Angel and Riley and deciding is Spike would make the cut and who else would be i her group Would Zander have had the chance to bethen a friend So I read maybe a quarter of the

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    Great new YA seriesThis has a wonderful main character who discovers she s special beyond her wildest dreams as she develops new relationships which define her life Let s hope Danica Rayne comes out with the enxt book sooner rather than later.

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    2 imitation is a form of flattery stars This is a mixed bag, it s Buffy the vampire slayer with a prejudiced pushy Guardian I m not sure if I ll become a fan of the series but I will go on to book 2 bc I already own it 2 imitation is a form of flattery stars This is a mixed bag, it s Buffy the vampire slayer with a prejudiced

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    Update I read this again and I must say that I really wanted to read it again to see if there was a change in my opinion I must say it was a slow read The second book I am hoping is faster pace since the ending in this one was fast pace and a cliffhanger I would give it a 3 so better than the 2 before12 31 ReviewLackingThe story

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    Beginning was intriguing, but I spent most of this novel irritated and yelling at the characters and trying not to throw my phone across the room Characters are annoying and have very little development Readers are told the sky is red and that s the end of the discussion There s no revelation why the sky is red, no questioning of how

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    DNF at 25% The concept of the story was good but the execution was lacking, enough that I gave up on reading it I found certain plot points to be unrealistic For example, Liam runs hot, tempurature wise, so much so that his touch is described as painfully hot If that was the case, wouldn t he go out of his way to avoid touching people Th

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    Interesting concept but poorly executed.

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    It had potential, but definitely didn t reach said potential The grammar alone was bad enough, but so was the lack of character development This book felt like this authors first thing she s ever kind of juvenile in the writing style The time frame in which everything happened was QUICK Like excessively so Alivias ups and downs were

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    Promising start to this Rh read.Slayer is a promising start to Ya Rh series They are all around 16 17 years old This is a slow burn Rh, which for this age I feel is appropriate We did leave off on a cliff hanger but I believe it sets up for the next book perfectly.

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