Connecting with Horses: The Life Lessons We Can Learn From

Connecting with Horses: The Life Lessons We Can Learn From Horses Illustrated with line drawings and two dozen photosAuthor is internationally acclaimed for her work as an animal healer and communicatorChallenging conventional notions of equine intelligence, Connecting with Horses shows that horses actually possess the intelligence, critical capability, and compassion to help humans on many levels Exploring life lessons that extend far beyond the barnyard, the author explains how horses can offer healing and guidance for people in their everyday livesBy understanding the role these magnificent animals can play in one s life and following the author s method for interacting with them, readers are empowered with the courage and ability to change their own lives and administer to the well being of others Connecting with Horses draws upon powerful true stories and practical experience to explore themes that range from potential to creativity to success With her years of working with horses, as well as her research and reflection, the author is able to translate her everyday experience into an innovative program of personal transformation

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    Margrit Coates discusses the many ways that horses can assist humans in healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually In addition to focusing on how horses can help people, she also stresses the importance of a balanced relationship of give and take where the horses a

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    I find it difficult to rate this book On the one hand, it s a good, clear introduction into its subject It gives a lot of examples of how horses may be very helpful in healing processes, it explores the ways this is done in the field , and it is generally a very pleasant book to read be

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