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The Rumor Gossipy school moms in a small seaside setting, YES PLEASE I have wanted to read this debut for awhile now I read several blog reviews that piqued my interest and I just LOVE the cover That counts, right I was able to fall into the writing and story right away and immediately had to find out if the rumor was true I don t like gossiping, BUT if it involves a murderer living in my neighborhood, then I think I d be all ears This one made me think further about consequences of gossip later.I changed my mind about the WHO the accused was several times while reading and was enjoying all the different angles presented.The ending was perhaps a bit over done, but not entirely inconceivable, so I was fine with it I was also racing to the end to see just how this little mystery gate concluded.My copy was from my local library and would recommend to fans of mystery thrillers that enjoy a bit of gossipy school mom chatter, babysitting book club ladies, and some mama drama I am much earlier reading this book than intended before it s release date.But I ve been anxious to read it I love debut novels and discovering new authors I can follow.I can honestly say I ll be following Lesley Kara for her next book as this book was so good.I became very invested with each character and without giving much away, I was so intensely motivated with questions of my own.For example, how would I feel if I was the rumour I have and still am part of a rumour that was being spread It s not nice In my case I can stick it out, the truth comes out in the end.But what if you exacerbated that rumour adding coal to the fire Sometimes a person just can t help talking and guessing and passing on information that isn t correctyes, a rumour.Those rumours have consequences, domino effects on loved ones.The intensity of the storyline in this debut book yes debut had me hook line and sinker If I wasn t reading it I was telling my hubby about it.He said it would make a good drama or movie.I think he s right.When I like a book, I like a book, when I love a book, I can t stop talking about it.May the Rumour continue in the nicest possible way when you get your hands on this. This book exhausted me.It took me six days to finish this book.SIX DAYS I say This is the longest 263 pages I have ever read in my life You would think that with all of the skimming I did that it would have lessened the load but inexplicably it did not.The first 70% is excruciatingly tedious with painfully unnecessary fillers, so many characters with no development thankfully that I challenge anyone to keep them straight The MC is so tiresome and never missed an opportunity to let you know that the father of her son is black Despite the fact that the story is rife with red herrings, I easily deciphered all three twists in this story well before their reveal I m giving this one 2 although I feel like that may be too generous.I received an ARC from Random House Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Lesley Kara s debut novel is an intense, well written and beautifully plotted psychological thriller, set in the small seaside town of Flinstead Single mother, Joanna Critchley has recently located here with her son, Alfie, the victim of bullying in London Her mother lives in town, and Joanna is working as an estate agent, hoping the Alfie will settle here without problems In her efforts to integrate in the community, Joanna does what anyone might do to become accepted in a group, engage in gossip and tittle tattle, the life blood of small towns, irrespective of whether its true She has heard a rumour, that a child killer with a new identity lives in Flinstead With little awareness of the consequences, Joanna breathes life into this rumour by sharing it, after which it takes on a life force of its own as it spreads like wildfire, taking no prisoners as the fingers of suspicion are pointed here, there and everywhere, regardless of innocence.In 1969, 10 year old Sally McGowan killed 5 year old Robbie Harris She was imprisoned and served her time, to eventually be released into the community with a new identity The infamous Sally McGowan is now living in Flinstead, and she is far from happy at the prospect of her identity being revealed Joanna is faced with the insecurities and dilemmas of being a parent, the need to protect Alfie, anxious, worried and paranoid at the dangers that swirl around her There are a host of potential suspects out there, people with their own secrets, battered by the repercussions of the rumour, given extra fuel through social media Lesley Kara outlines with expertise the power of rumours, the damage they can wreak on people, particularly in small towns where they are impossible to escape In a fast paced story with short chapters, there are plenty of twists, red herrings, and high levels of suspense and tension This is fascinating reading, dark, atmospheric, with Kara skilfully capturing the nature and anatomy of living in a small town A novel with plenty of intrigue and the completely unexpected whilst touching on a number of important issues such as crime, punishment and what constitutes justice Oh and beware of spreading gossip and rumours Many thanks to Random House Transworld for an ARC. Full of twists and unexpected turns I zoomed through this one because I was dying to get to the end, even as I hated to finish it.This book was SO good 3.75 A little harmless gossip among the moms waiting at the school drop off Did you hear Rumor is, there s a child killer now released from prison living in their seaside town Could that be true If so, the obvious next question is, are their children safe from this predator This particular feed of gossip peaks the interest of one of the mom in particular, Joanna Curious, later that night she googles the story Gripped with fear, she realizes she may have just met this person Maybe she needs to warn everyonemaybe it s not just a rumor any Lesley Kara writes an intriguing and suspenseful thriller that I flew through in just a few sittings Though I guessed most of the twists fairly early, I still enjoyed throughout.Thank you to NetGalley, Random House Publishing Group Ballantine and Lesley Kara for an ARC to read and review. 2.5 Stars rounded down Joanna and her son Alfie move into the quite community of Flinstead where her mother lives in hopes that both Jo and Alfie will fit in Fitting in has never been either s strong suit It is then that Jo does it Starts the rumor Of a notorious murderer living in Flinstead It takes off like wildfire And just like that, Jo is a part of the in crowd and everyone wants to know about Sally McGown.I ve never personally thought much about rumors But then I ve never spread any Just goes to show you This book sure makes you think about them I ll give you that It also makes your eyes roll, and roll.If you like idle chit chat, gossip and or you will live in a small community, maybe you ll like this novel, unfortunately, it just wasn t my cuppa Thank you to NetGalley, Random House Publishing Group and Lesley Kara for an arc of this novel in exchange for an honest review Published on Goodreads and NetGalley on 6.22.19. It all started as gossip at the school gates and spread like wild fire Is there a child killer living amongst them I could have bet money on who I thought was the culprit, but I was constantly changing my mind I couldn t rest until I knew the truth A very thrilling book that spellbound me with its many twists, full of tension and suspense The house could have been on fire but I was so engrossed I wouldn t have noticed A must read debut book, definitely an author to look out for.Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review. When a single mother hears a rumor outside her son s school, she never intends to pass it on But one casual comment leads to another And now there s no going back.Rumor has it that a notorious killer, a woman who has been released from prison years after her brutal crime, is living under a new identity in Joanna s seaside town So who is the supposedly reformed murderer now living in their neighborhood Suspicion falls on everyone.As Joanna becomes obsessed with the case, her curiosity will expose her son and his father to a heartless psychopath who has killed and may kill again And she will learn how dangerous one rumor can becomeand just how far she must go to protect those she loves from harm She is going to regret the day she ever said a word So much harm can be done by rumors, as we learn when Joanna moves back to her hometown so she and her six year old son can have a new start Little Alfie had been bullied at his old school in the city and now Joanna and Alfie are living near her mom, where Joanna can work fewer hours and devote time to helping Alfie adjust to his new school life Joanna needs to adjust to, realizing she won t fit in the the mothers of Alfie s schoolmates unless she spends time socializing with them but she has started out on the wrong foot, rushing away from the school after dropping Alfie off and avoiding contact with the mothers, when possible To break the ice, Joanna mentions a rumor she heard about a child murderer living anonymously, in their little town The rumor grows, with Joanna s name attached to the rumor, as the one who started it, and we get to see the harm that rumors do to innocent people Joanna starts getting threatening texts from the person who may be the child murderer The murder was of a five year old boy by a ten year old girl, long ago The girl served her sentence and was released as an eighteen year old, to live her life under a new name But many people aren t prepared to let this child murderer live in peace, if they can figure out who she is and how to get her out of their town And now the murderer is targeting Joanna for starting the rumors, even threatening Alfie with a photo of him stabbed in the heart Joanna s scared but can t turn back time, can t shut the rumor down, the harm has been done and things are escalating The book contains so many characters, moms, kids, and older women who could fit the description of the child murderer I had four older women pegged as likely candidates There is also Michael, Alfie s dad and Joanna s partner, who is a journalist and wants to interview the murderer, if he can find her Lots going on, with Joanna overthinking and then not acting on things she knows she should do, such as discuss a myriad of important issues with Michael, from the status of their relationship to how she is the one who started the rumors Joanna frustrated me with all her thinking, overthinking, and then failing to do things she should have done and later regretting her inaction The big climax seemed clunky to me, with lots of talking and thud of a resolution The plot and story say a lot about how people handle things that make them uncomfortable, how people can t forget past offences despite the debt being paid, and how rumors can destroy so many lives I just wish the telling of the story could have come together a bit smoothly Thank you to the publisher, author, and Goodreads Giveaway, for this ARC.

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