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Perhaps no one in this generation has had a profound influence upon our intellectual and spiritual lives than Dr M Scott Peck His first book, The Road Less Traveled, published over fifteen years ago, continues to reach an ever growing audience, with sales of than five million copies and translation into than twenty languages Now, with the long awaited publication of Further Along the Road Less Traveled, readers can continue the journey of self discovery with Dr PeckIn this profound and inspiring work, based on his original lectures, Dr Peck addresses the most urgent questions of personal and spiritual growth, including Blame and Forgiveness, The Issue of Death and Meaning, Self Love versus Self Esteem, and Sexuality and Spirituality, From the first step of our spiritual journey, Growing Up, to the next step, Knowing Yourself, to the ultimate step, In Search of a Personal God, Dr Peck reminds us that there are no easy answers A wise and inspirational audio program, Further Along the Road Less Traveled is an enlightening examination of the complexities of life and faith that will be an enduring work for a new generation. Peck Gift Set Cst

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