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Buzz Kill TWO YOUNG HACKERS WITH THE BRAINS TO SAVE THE WORLD OR AT LEAST CHANGE IT WHAT CAN GO WRONG Pandora Lynch Lives In Alaska With Her Single Dad, An Online Therapist For Silicon Valley S Brightest And Cagiest Homeschooled By Computer And A Self Taught Hacker, Pandora Is About To Enter High School To Learn How To Be Normal That S The Plan At Least.NorCal Runaway, George Jedson, Is A Hacker Too One Who Leaves The Systems He Attacks Working Better Than Before After Being Scooped Up By A Social Media Giant, Will George Go Legit Or Pull Off The Biggest Hack Ever Not Even His Therapist Knows For Sure, But Maybe The Headshrinker S Daughter.After Meeting In Cyberspace, The Two Young Hackers Combine Their Passions To Conceive A Brainchild Named BUZZ Can This Baby AI Learn To Behave, Or Will It Be Like Its Parents And Think Outside The Box With A Hilarious And Deeply Empathetic Narrative Voice, This Elegiac And Unapologetically Irreverent Novel Is Both Humorous And Tragic Without Ever Taking Itself Too Seriously.

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    This novel punches a lot of my buttons and tweaks a lot of my pet mental projects in a great way, but surprisingly so I simply cho

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    This book is a prequel to Happy Doomsday which I haven t read It s definitely not necessary to read the previous book first, but I suggest t

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    This was a difficult one to rate, and I finally went with my gut the three star rating partly reflects the fact that it was such a downer, which is no

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    David Sosnowski is an interesting author whose first novel is one of my favorite books His current tale is a dark Buzz Kill hard from 47 North in which the endi

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    David Sosnowski can write rings around a lot of contemporary authors and he has a knack for making you really feel and want to hang out with his characters and he proves

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    I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review After reading other reviews, they seem to mostly cover the plot so I won t repeat what others have already thoroughly

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    I m gonna jump into the meat of this review headfirst, if you don t mind I think the book deserves it.There are precisely two 2 reasons the book didn t get a full 5 stars from me one istechn

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    I received a copy of Buzz Kill through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review Buzz Kill is the latest novel from David Sosnowski You probably recognize the insanely bright colors used on h

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    Two hackers join forces to help stop social media led suicide rates but how do you teach an AI about the value of human life and how to preserve it Buzz Kill really intrigued me by its blurb but ended up confus

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    In the vein of WarGames and 2001 A Space Odyssey, David Sosnowski s latest novel Buzz Kill takes a good look at Artificial Intelligence and asks what could possibly go wrong Though separated by several thousand miles, th

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