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Boundary Haunted (Boundary Magic, #5) Months After Her Battles In Wyoming, Allison Lex Luther Is Still Struggling With The Aftereffects Of The Psychic Attack She Suffered And With The New Developments In Her Own MagicThen Lex S Boss, The Cardinal Vampire Of Colorado, Passes Along A Strange Request From Her Counterpart In Atlanta Hundreds Of Civil War Spirits Have Abruptly Vanished In Beau Calhoun S Territory, And He Wants Lex To Figure Out Why In Exchange, Beau Can Help Her Understand Boundary Magic, Which Runs In His Family Line As WellDespite Her Trepidation, Lex Journeys To The Deep South, Where She Discovers That Ghosts Are Everywhere And That Her Host S Intentions Are Complicated Than He Promised It Seems His Teenage Descendant Is Being Hunted, And Both Beau And Lex Fear The Young Woman S Boundary Blood May Have Made Her A TargetWith Atlanta S History Looming Over Her Every Move, Lex Will Have To Face Beau S Ghosts And Her Own To Prevent A Boundary Magic Attack She Never Dreamed Possible I have enjoyed this series since I found book one many years ago with the Old World and Scarlett and her gang and I was thrilled when we got to move to Boulder and got to meet Lex and her crew This book is a bit of a departure because it takes Lex to a new location with not a lot of support While she has had to travel on other occasions, it seems that both her and her gang are a bit fragile after the happenings in the past couple of books and we see a bit of a different Lex I will admit that it was a bit tough to see Lex so unsure and hesitant, but necessity is the mother of invention and a job is a job This book kept my interest and had enough twists and turns to keep me interested right up until the very end If there was anything negative to say, it would be that I really wish there had been Quinn in the book, but what are you gonna do We did get Simon, Lily, and Tobias and there was really a lot of heart felt emotion between our main characters and even a surprise almost declaration that I had to read over a couple of times It was done so well that my eyes teared up All in all, I really enjoyed this latest entry and will eagerly await the next installment whether we get to hear from Scarlett, or Lex I received this ARC copy of Boundary Haunted from 47North This is my honest and voluntary review Boundary Haunted is set for publication Dec 3, 2019. Still struggling with nightmares after the psychic attack she suffered after the last book, Allison Lex Luther travels to Atlanta, Georgia, to fulfill the request of help from the vampire cardinal Abner Beaumont Beau Calhoun Apparently, Beau s ghosts are missing, and since Lex is a boundary witch, Beau thinks that she can help finding them Lex is reluctant at first, until her twin sister Sam, tells Lex in her dream that she is needed So off Lex goes to the South, alone this time.It was nice seeing Lex out of Boulder, Colorado, although at the same time, I missed her gang Quinn, Simon, and Lily Quinn cannot travel to Atlanta due to family circumstances while Simon and Lily are still dealing with the death of their mother So, it feels like Lex doesn t have enough back up this time.The whole Unsettled ghost of the war in the South is an interesting concept It s good that Lex learns about boundary witch power and history, as well as type of ghosts while she s in Atlanta However, there are not a lot of progress in my opinion regarding Maven s plan for the Old World Being set in Atlanta, Boundary Haunted feels slightly like a slight detour from the main arc.Having said that, it s still a great book to read that epilogue is sweet I wish that I could read the next book now The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley for an exchange of fair and honest review No high rating is required for any ARC received. While I greatly enjoyed this entire series, this 5th book in the Boundary Magic series was just awesome Being from the South and having spent a lot of time in the Atlanta area, I could imagine much of the scenery and of course in my mind, Beau, the Atlanta cardinal vampire, has this wonderful old southern accent that I could hear as I read The setting, culture, and old Civil War history was done perfectly I was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy as I have visited many of the landmarks in the book and it was spot on Lex really shined in this book despite all the obstacles in her path I have enjoyed all of these Old World stories and would love for there to be

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