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The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway THE ONLY COMPLETE COLLECTION BY THE NOBEL PRIZE WINNING AUTHOR In This Definitive Collection Of Ernest Hemingway S Short Stories, Readers Will Delight In The Author S Most Beloved Classics Such AsThe Snows Of Kilimanjaro, Hills Like White Elephants,andA Clean, Well Lighted Place,and Will Discover Seven New Tales Published For The First Time In This Collection For Hemingway Fans The Complete Short Stories Is An Invaluable Treasury

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    Nobody does short stories like Hemingway Moving between African savannahs, Spanish and French cities and various American settings, he always gets to the point Human hope and happiness followed by disappointment and loss.

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    One time there was a bull and his name was not Ferdinand and he cared nothing for flowers. Hemingway s reputation precedes him a misogynistic, alcoholic, macho author whose maximum sentence length was five words Given all this, it is difficult to understand why feminist, vegetarian, and highbrow folks often end up readi

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    Night Before Battle I was thinking last night, while we were watching M A S H , about Hemingway s preoccupation with war There is an episode of M A S H , not the one we were watching, where they make a thinly veiled attack on Hemingway s war writing A famous journalist author with a red beard and huge physical presence comes

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    So, I didn t read the Complete short stories of Hemingway I wanted an introduction, I d always thought of Hemingway as..well, I d never really given him much thought He was just someone I wasn t interested in reading Lord help me, I can be dense I ve read about a dozen of the stories in this anthology I asked my husband for his op

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    This is Hemingway at his best pointed, witty, captivating a complex world in a few pages, and very suggestive He offers a wide variety of topics war stories without heroism, and heroism without frills, adolescents on the loose, and especially nuptial emptiness And of course, sarcasm and cynicism are all around I liked this eventhan his

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    Review of short story Cat in the Rain , which record Goodreads has merged with the complete short stories don t ask me why I m not sure why this story affects me so muchthan anything else by Hemingway I ve read There isn t much to it just a brief conversation that is barely any conversation at all, a passing encounter with a hotel owner and

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    In a way, it s almost an injustice to read these stories straight through, from cover to cover Each story offers a unique experience in transforming words into imagery in a way that is unique to Hemingway To simply read one story and then continue on to the next without time for reflection deprives the reader of some Top Chefcaliber, food for th

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    Away from Romance and Walter Scott through Twain to Ernest Hemingway, who was is a main influence on the generation of writers trying to escape or outdo him Harsh, brutal, accurate, stylistically pure to himself Sometimes pleasant to read and sometimes unbearable I think his style, sometimes so simple, at those times emphasizes the horror of humans a

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    As I begin this immense work, I feel as Philippe Petit must have felt as he began the high wire walk between the Twin Towers on August 7, 1974 I know I can do it but it surely is a long way But, as has been said many times, The longest journey begins with a single step So I begin I am not a bull fighting kind of person Watching a bull tortured and killed

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    I read this from cover to cover on a beach in Aruba, which was just weird, because somebody dies every ten pages or so It wasn t really in keeping with the carefree beach vibe we were going for But you really can t deny Hemingway I realize the man was a terrible husband and father, that his writing suffered in the end and that he didn t have the most highly ev

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