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Summer Secrets (Wildflowers, #3) Summer Camp Is For Lovers In This Fun, Sexy Read From New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Author Jill Sanders For Hannah Rodgers, Running An Adult Summer Camp With Her Four Best Friends Is The Ideal Distraction From Her Controlling Family She S Worked Hard To Become Her Own Woman, But Now Her Parents Want To Marry Her Off For Business Reasons What Is This, The Middle Ages Hannah Would Much Rather Enjoy The Sunny Delights Of Camp And Flirt With Owen Costa, The Hunky HelpBut Owen Has His Own Scheme Working Behind Those Beautiful Brown Eyes He And His Brothers Finagled Camp Jobs With The Hope Of Tracking Down Their Father, An Eccentric Billionaire Prone To Sudden Disappearances Though Owen Was Suspicious Of The New Camp Owners At First, His Relationship With Hannah Deepens, And He Gets Waylaid From His MissionBut Owen S Troubles Soon Resurface, And Duty Calls Him Away Just As Hannah Shares A Delicate Secret, Leaving Her Shattered Can They Get Over Their Complicated Lives Long Enough To Enjoy The Romance They Both Want This time it is Hannah s story As the story starts we go a little back in time to when Owen suddenly leaves Hannah feeling lost and wondering if it was something she said that put him off Hannah is determined to just keep going and concentrate on the camp and trying to win the case against Ryan who was trying to sue the camp after she was fired It s when Hannah is meeting with the lawyers that she bumps into Owen again, and the chemistry is still there, as strong as ever Owen realised the mistake he made breaking things off with Hannah and decides he wants her back, but to take things slowly The mystery around Leo continues, so Owen has to continue running the family business, but threats and twists in the story come up, dragging the rest of his family and the Wildflowers in Plenty twists in the tale, mixed in with the love story and the fun of River Camp Great story I thought that this was a little slow to start but definitely keep reading and it gets quite good All the characters worked well together and it turned out to be a good romance and whodunnit I thought that the story was well planned put and it had a great flow as soon as I got in to the story.It is 4 stars from me for this one, I really enjoyed it This is the third book in the series and while I haven t read book two yet, it was easy to follow the plot in this one.At the beginning of the series we are introduced to five girls who come together one summer at a camp owned by the grandfather of one of the campers.They form a bond that has lasted through the years and the changes in their individual lives.This story picks up where they all own shares of the camp and renovate it for adult campers.There is a mysterious twist in the saga of the missing father of three of their workers and I have to say that my suspicion meter started dinging loudly when a certain character entered the scene.This book centers around the romance between Owen and Hannah and while I wouldn t have given him a second chance at my heart, she did and the results of that action trod throughout the rest of the book.Danger lurks everywhere and no one is sure who is trustworthy as the motive changes depending on the person involved.There are a lot of characters in the story, possibly as a smokescreen to throw you off the scent of the real troublemaker, whose acting skills are on point.The author was able to strike a happy balance between the romance and the mystery and while I am not a fan of suspense, I really enjoyed this one, especially when I was proven right at the end.This is an enjoyable read that didn t lag or jump too far ahead to make it difficult to follow Netgalley provided this ARC for my untutored review. What an awesome addition to the series Time for Hannah and Owen s story which gives us some mystery, danger and some sizzling sex This story shows us how the Camp continues to grow and we still get to see all the other characters from the previous books however this is focused on the mystery of missing Leo Costas As Hannah and Owen s romance grows and blossoms they both also face danger with receiving menacing threats Leo suddenly arrives back in town and things quickly escalate with murder attempts Even though I guessed who the baddie was it was still interesting seeing how everything unfolded An entertaining read. I truly enjoyed this book and read in a single day, if you are not familiar with Jill Sanders and her Wildflowers series what are you waiting for grab it I fell in love with Dylan and Liam and know Owen swoon We have Hannah who is running an adult summer camp with her bestfriends Zoey and Elle From the first book Owen and his brothers are on a secret mission to find their father, an eccentric billionaire prone to sudden disappearances.At first Owen is suspicious of the new Camp Owners but over time his relationship deepens with Hannah and she learns about their secret and finally understands why Owen and his brother were lying about being workers at the adult camp After that both of them cant deny their attraction for another but someone is targeting Owen and he has to preotect Hannah. Summer Secrets by Jill Sanders a five star read that will bring the sunshine to your life This is number three in the Wildflowers books and they just go from strength to strength, I adore Jill Saunders writing, she just brings a lightness and a refreshing joviality to these stories The dynamics between the Wildflowers are some of the best I have read, usually with such a large group of girl friends there is one that doesn t feel like they fit, but these girls live for each other, it s a nice thing to see Hannah and Owen are both strong people and both have other priorities, they have a history and sometimes that is something you can t get over This season is a difficult one at the camp, but it also makes great reading Do not miss this series and Jill Sanders has written pure gold. I truly enjoyed this book It s captivating, romantic, sexy suspenseful Hannah Owenare perfect together.Once Hannah understood why Owen his brothers were working at the camp,they couldn t deny their attraction.But someone was targeting Owen.I loved everything about this MustRead Story We got the last brothers story, and some surprises maybe not I mean I kind of said to myself this is what is going to happen so lets just say I wasn t surprised or outcome, but was surprised of relations, I am trying not to give up spoilers, when you start reading you will get my meaning..So we got the last brother, but we still have 2 girls left, so what to what to do..I kind of wished that we would have gotten a wedding, yeah yeah I know to soon, but one can hope considering they got together pretty fast..Rcvd an ARC at no cost to author netgalley voluntarily reviewed with my own thoughts and opinions Love going back to camp

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Jill Sanders is a New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author of Sweet Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Western Romance, and Paranormal Romance novels With over 55 books in eleven series, translations into several different languages, and audiobooks there s plenty to choose from Look for Jill s bestselling stories wherever romance books are sold or visit her at

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