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Kiki and the Sneaky Chameleon Kiki Loves The Color Red But, When She Discovers A Magical, Friendly Lizard, She Learns How Magical All The Colors Of The Rainbow Can Be Follow Kiki, The Girl From Kribi, As She Shows The Beauty Of The Central African Landscape, Learns The Rewards Of Curiosity, And Experiences The Fun Of Learning With Friends Perfect For Young Readers Of Ages And Up

About the Author: Fleurie Leclercq

Fleurie Leclercq was born in Cameroon and grew up with her grandmother, Mamie Marguerite , in the Bankolo Hills of Yaounde She is proud of her African roots and culture and thankful to her loving grandma who taught her to stand strong and keep her head up whatever life s challenges Under her grandma s nurturing wing, Fleurie learned to work hard and to love and care for others She grew up with the self belief to follow her dreams She named her daughter Marguerite, after her grandma.Through her stories, Fleurie shows the beauty and culture of Africa and creates a heroine that children can look up to She wants to inspire little children of the world, especially African children, to tell their story and be proud of their origins and culture.

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