Fighter: The True Story of the Battle of Britain Epub

Fighter: The True Story of the Battle of Britain A MUST read for anyone wanting to know about the Battle of Britian This book has the kind of writing I wish all war books had Fascinating descriptions of the planes, the weapons, and the people involved Very fair to both the RAF and the LuftwaffeI don t know if I ve ever seen such an even handed approach One of the few military histories I would recommend to a friend. Book captured the imagination of the battles over Britain, great book Full of interesting facts but an oddly disjointed book. This covers the development of the Spitfire, Hurricane, and Bf 109, radar, combat tactics of the Luftwaffe and RAF, and the personalities of the strategic decision makers on both sides of the Channel all with an extremely readable light touch. Thoughof an exposition than a narrative, Fighter provided me a lot of meat in terms of the conditions the pilots faced, the strengths and limitations of each aircraft involved as well as the myriad personalities of men of all ranks who fought in the Battle of Britain. The early part of this book delved mostly on the technical part of aviation and airplane design Past this dialogue one had a very precise account of the Battle of Briton Great for historical reference. Very detailed account of the Battle of Britain its leaders, the equipment, the tactics, and the outcomes. This was one of a projected series of twelve factual books I believe, that Deighton intended to write about the history of WW 2.As he now appears to have retired from writing we are left with just some.One of the problems of reviewing non fiction works is whether you rate on accuracy, or as a good read, or both.On the basis of both I based my rating.Again his capabilities for research into his subject shows through, excellent. This is without doubt the best book on this subject I have ever read It is not only impeccably researched but it also explodes many myths that have grown out of propaganda and are widely regarded as truths.I am re reading this yet again for research purposes mainly

About the Author: Len Deighton

Deighton was born in Marylebone, London, in 1929 His father was a chauffeur and mechanic, and his mother was a part time cook After leaving school, Deighton worked as a railway clerk before performing his National Service, which he spent as a photographer for the Royal Air Force s Special Investigation Branch After discharge from the RAF, he studied at St Martin s School of Art in London in 1949, and in 1952 won a scholarship to the Royal College of Art, graduating in 1955.Deighton worked as an airline steward with BOAC Before he began his writing career he worked as an illustrator in New York and, in 1960, as an art director in a London advertising agency He is credited with creating the first British cover for Jack Kerouac s On the Road He has since used his drawing skills to illustrate a number of his own military history books.Following the success of his first novels, Deighton became The Observer s cookery writer and produced illustrated cookbooks In September 1967 he wrote an article in the Sunday Times Magazine about Operation Snowdrop an SAS attack on Benghazi during World War II The following year David Stirling would be awarded substantial damages in libel from the article He also wrote travel guides and became travel editor of Playboy, before becoming a film producer After producing a film adaption of his 1968 novel Only When I Larf, Deighton and photographer Brian Duffy bought the film rights to Joan Littlewood and Theatre Workshop s stage musical Oh, What a Lovely WarHe had his name removed from the credits of the film, however, which was a move that he later described as stupid and infantile That was his last involvement with the cinema.Deighton left England in 1969 He briefly resided in Blackrock, County Louth in Ireland He has not returned to England apart from some personal visits and very few media appearances, his last one since 1985 being a 2006 interview which formed part of a Len Deighton Night on BBC Four He and his wife Ysabele divide their time between homes in Portugal and Guernsey.

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