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A Good Man is Hard to Find and Other Stories This Now Classic Book Revealed Flannery O Connor As One Of The Most Original And Provocative Writers To Emerge From The South Her Apocalyptic Vision Of Life Is Expressed Through Grotesque, Often Comic Situations In Which The Principal Character Faces A Problem Of Salvation The Grandmother, In The Title Story, Confronting The Murderous Misfit A Neglected Four Year Old Boy Looking For The Kingdom Of Christ In The Fast Flowing Waters Of The River General Sash, About To Meet The Final Enemy Stories Include A Good Man Is Hard To Find The River The Life You Save May Be Your Own A Stroke Of Good Fortune A Temple Of The Holy Ghost The Artificial Nigger A Circle In The Fire A Late Encounter With The Enemy Good Country People The Displaced Person 1955 Flannery O Connor 1954, 1953, 1948 By Flannery O Connor Renewed 1983, 1981 By Regina O Connor Renewed 1976 By Mrs Edward F O Connor P 2010 Blackstone Audio, Inc.

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    Exemplary short story collection very likely at the zenith in most all time lists All ten vignettes are blissfully cinematographic, spewing out image after retched image, illuminating lives filled with woe, woe,woe In a place of stasis violence The setting is that of the inglorious Southern U.S minus its usual sheen of glittery magnificence.It is without a doubt a strong dose of Amer

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    This stuff is twisted, sparse, clipped, dark, doomy, funny, dramatic, Southern, angry, sexy, super Catholic, death haunted, maniacial, bizarre, possibly racist, apparently desperate, fatalistic, existential, dreary, ugly, fetid, frenzied, morbid, lax, stern, prepossessing, unforgiving, unrelenting, anti everything, aged, retro , haunting, parabolic, anecdotal, moral, redemptive, sublime,

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    Exiled From Eden I don t always have the aptitude and the patience paradoxically for short fiction, but O Connor has a way of connecting all her stories by setting them in a landscape that refuses to leave you The stories and the unease stay with you as you finish each grotesque piece, building up layer upon layer of despair until you thirst for an almost religious release from it all.Peopled

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    A Good Man is Hard to Find A family strikes out on a road trip to Florida, knowing that an escaped convict is on the looseWhat a kick ass tale to open the collection Flannery O Connor had to be an influence of sorts on Jim Thompson, as this reads a lot like a condensed version of one of his stories She would have been a good woman if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life

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    I have been stewing on this book all nightit was 1 terrific in every and 2 completely rotten in every way and 3 scary, scary, terrifying scary without trying too hard to be O Connor has said that she searches in the darkest, most hopeless little worlds for god s grace orspecifically, god s presence , be it dark or light Seeing as I have no fear of the wrath of an angry god, why did this book affect me s

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    Horrible horrible horrible, particularly the first two Trust me, I m not saying this just for effect They take dark to a whole new level like staring down into a bottomless pit Yet absolutely brilliant,of a review later maybe once I ve recuperated.

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    Such a fantastic way she has in drawing her stories So vivid, varied characters, in all these stories regardless of the social strata of the people they are all searching for the same thing, grace Knowing this author s background leads to a better understanding of her stories Her long illness, she suffered with lupus, her Catholicism in the bible banging South and her people watching are all present in Jr stories

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    I am developing quite an addiction for the Southern flavor of American literature, and reading my first short story collection by Flannery O Connor isthan just adding fuel to the flame of my interest She is surpassing all my expectations and constantly going beyond the surface of things to touch on personal trauma that is often as unavoidable, tragic and soul reaving as a Greek tragedy I am not sure if I should use th

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    Joyce Carol Oates says in a review in the New York Times no postwar and posthumous literary reputation of the twentieth century, with the notable exception of Sylvia Plath, has grownrapidly and dramatically than that of Flannery O Connor, whose work has acquired a canonical status since her death in 1964.And she compares Flannery s rep with that of Carson McCullers and Truman Capote who, sez Joyce, have gone down.Which sur

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    First things first, O Connor did exactly what she intended to do here It s not a failure by any stretch if, at times, close cropped and uneven Whatever she s doing, cruel and unusual, she s good at it But dear God, it just happens to be the exact kind of thing that revolts something deep down in my gut I m usually all on board with the creepy, crazy, what have you, but the difference here is that nobody is even alive before the

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