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Psychology Using the recommended APA undergraduate psychology learning outcomes, the authors establish clear learning objectives for students and tie the text assessment to these objectives

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    gonna totally nerd out here for a sec this was a really good textbook I had to read the whole thing for my AP Psychology class and I seriously read it cover to cover It was great, very helpful, easy to read understand, and it gave great examples it even had jokes interspersed here and there, which were nice t

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    not too bad.

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    I used it for my 2011 fall semester It isn t a bad book to use The terms are right at hand instead in the side margins, good explanations and examples through out And the end of the chapter summaries are well put together, actually making it easier to study for your tests If you re using this for class Otherwise, it s

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    An easy to read textbook which presents its material in a fun, fresh manner.

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    I read some of this for Psych 1010 and I really enjoyed the class It was super general overview psychology stuff so it didn t blow my mind I know a lot about psych from the internet and high school so it was just learning boring names and stuff my parents both fell in love with psychology in college so I had high expectations bu

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    This seemed like a good intro that explicitly aligns to the APA curriculum The authors tried to be funny in some inappropriate places, which I found jarring The physical book itself is also not very useful, as it refers you to the REVEL online content fairly frequently.

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    For a textbook, this was pretty darn good However the answers for a lot of the practice tests in the back of the book are wrong, so that confused me on a few tests which isn t cool Otherwise though, solid.

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    Best for basic course to psychology 101

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    standard text book with slight revisions to chargemoney for a new edition

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    Learning about psychology was absolutely awesome, but this particular textbook has some pretty strange ways of explaining some things.

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