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Breaking Up As Fliss S Partents Relationship Crumbles, She Begins To Spiral Out Of Control When Her Boyfriend Dumps Her, She Cracks Up Completely If Nobody Loves Her Any, Where Does That Leave Her After A Night On The Town And A Bottle Of Tequila, Fliss Decides To Confront Her Dad And His New Mistress.

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    Not Kate Canns best book that s for sure, Breaking up follows Fliss s life as her parents split up and life turns to hell She is leaning heavily on her boyfriend Simon who has had enough.Fliss s character is not one that yoyu will like or relate to very well She is a callous, selfish bitch and even at the end when Kate s trying to make you feel sorry for her, you still can t stand her.

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    The swedish version have a better cover than this.

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    Read this about ten years ago Nice light read, but I ve outgrown it

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