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A is for Arnyx Worthy Of SeussEmma Talamante, Goodreads Reviewer St Edition A Is For Arnyx Is A Book Of Poetry For Children In The Spirit Of DrSeuss And Shel Silverstein There Are Poems, One For Each Letter Each Poem Is About A Mythical Creature Whose Name Begins With That Letter

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    I received this book as a first read It s one of the better children s poetry books to come out in a while The verses are whimsical and fun and reminiscent Silverstein or Dahl The illustrations are phenomenal and bring to mind the charm of Seuss and the style of Gorey Someone should get to work market

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    A cute book of rhymes in verse with colorful characters that can be colored worthy of Seuss This was a GoodReads First Reads book, sent by the author I came home to it after my trip, and read it to my daughter that peered curiously at the various creatures mentioned The explanations at the end held my attention

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    Full disclosure I received this book as a GoodReads First Read winner I liked the idea of what I thought this book could become fun verses for kids to help them learn the Alphabet with silly fun monsters Unfortunately, this book felt disjointed, scary at times, judgmental and accusatory, and filled with multiple issues w

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    i was lucky enough to be a winner of the giveaway that was run through goodreads by the author i have to say that my kids and i enjoyed this book there are really amazing illustrations especially on the front cover, that you can really just look at and see all the little quirky characters coming to life I did have to skip a few pa

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    Note I was selected as a winner of a copy of this book from the Goodreads First Reads program.This whimsical poetry book is fun for kids and for adults, too Full of make believe creatures and different types of poetry, it was a great starting point for our unit on poetry that we are doing my daughter is homeschooled The kids both loved the

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    I received this book as a Goodreads first reads winner.Fun fun fun This book is reminiscent of Dr Suess in all of the best ways Made up animals, zaney characters and a great dose of fun I particularly loved the information at the end that discusses the inspiration for each creature.

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    Adorable I enjoyed reading this to my grandson The definitions in the back were amusing too

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    I received this as a first read This book was very cute It is a children books with wonderful rhymes I also loved the illustrations Definitely fun to read out aloud A great book for story time.

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    Received this book as a First Read.I read it to my 6 year old and he really liked it The verses were fun to read and my boy loved some of the outlandish names.

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    Really enjoyed this book

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