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Home Before Dark In The Latest Thriller From New York Times Bestseller Riley Sager, A Woman Returns To The House Made Famous By Her Father S Bestselling Horror Memoir Is The Place Really Haunted By Evil Forces, As Her Father Claimed Or Are There Earthbound And Dangerous Secrets Hidden Within Its Walls What Was It Like Living In That HouseMaggie Holt Is Used To Such Questions Twenty Five Years Ago, She And Her Parents, Ewan And Jess, Moved Into Baneberry Hall, A Rambling Victorian Estate In The Vermont Woods They Spent Three Weeks There Before Fleeing In The Dead Of Night, An Ordeal Ewan Later Recounted In A Nonfiction Book Called House Of Horrors His Tale Of Ghostly Happenings And Encounters With Malevolent Spirits Became A Worldwide Phenomenon, Rivaling The Amityville Horror In Popularity And SkepticismToday, Maggie Is A Restorer Of Old Homes And Too Young To Remember Any Of The Events Mentioned In Her Father S Book But She Also Doesn T Believe A Word Of It Ghosts, After All, Don T Exist When Maggie Inherits Baneberry Hall After Her Father S Death, She Returns To Renovate The Place To Prepare It For Sale But Her Homecoming Is Anything But Warm People From The Past, Chronicled In House Of Horrors, Lurk In The Shadows And Locals Aren T Thrilled That Their Small Town Has Been Made Infamous Thanks To Maggie S Father Even Unnerving Is Baneberry Hall Itself A Place Filled With Relics From Another Era That Hint At A History Of Dark Deeds As Maggie Experiences Strange Occurrences Straight Out Of Her Father S Book, She Starts To Believe That What He Wrote Was Fact Than Fiction When Maggie was just a child her parents purchased Baneberry Hall Having left behind a cramped apartment in the city Baneberry Hall seemed like the ideal place to raise a family However not soon after their purchase it appears that not all is well within the walls of Baneberry Hall Strange noises fill the night and young Maggie has begun speaking to imaginary friends Her father, a writer, becomes obsessed in the tragic history of Baneberry Hall and he is convinced that there are restless spirits within their home Present day, Maggie is now an interior designer and her father has recently passed away She is informed that her father has left her Baneberry Hall After all these years she assumed that he had sold it Her father wrote House of Horrors after they escaped into the night to never return again and the notoriety of that book has turned her life upside down She doesn t remember her time there All she has is the book her father wrote and in which she believes is a book of lies As she returns to Vermont and to Baneberry Hall she convinces herself that she will find out what happened that summer and why they fled.This book started off strong and I was really enjoying the Amityville vibes this was giving off We have the two timelines running Maggie in the present day and her father in the past as they moved into Baneberry Hall and it is during these chapters where we learn of their time spent there and what the reason is for the escape I loved the flashback chapters but I found the Maggie chapters became boring or better yet she was boring so her chapters weren t nearly as compelling That ending, say WHAT Now THAT is ridiculously stupid 2.5 stars Thank you to Edelweiss and Dutton for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review. Will the fourth one be the best one yet This book begins with a dedication For those who tell ghost storiesand those who believe them If this is on, as YOU WON T be disappointed with Riley Sager s latest, releasing on June 30th 2020 Maggie Holt has just inherited Baneberry Hall, a rambling estate set deep in the Vermont Woods.Twenty Five years ago, she and her parents, Ewan and Jess, fled this house in the dead of the night, leaving everything behind, after only 19 days in residence Tap tap TapAnd, then THAT song You are sixteen, going on would begin to play on the old record player left behind The song, cut off by the noise that always arrived at 4 54 AMTHUDA house remembers..At least that s what Maggie s father claimed in his best selling NON FICTION book, House of Horrors.a book that Maggie doesn t believe a word of She was only five, when they lived in the house, and she doesn t remember the people or events mentioned, or the ghosts she was terrified of, Miss Pennyface and Mister Shadow In fact, she is downright angry that the book defined her and she feels exploited But once she returns to the old Victorian home, to renovate it, in preparation to sell and begins to experience the strange occurrences chronicled in her father s book, she begins to wonder, if perhaps he really was telling the truthI loved how the story was a book within a book Chapters from Ewan s best seller, alternating with Maggie s current day perspective Once you read the LAST chapter, go ahead and reread the first one Than You to Edelweiss, Dutton Publishing and Riley Sager for the digital ARC I received in exchange for a candid review Riley Sager is one of my favorite authors he just has such a talent at crafting bingeworthy suspense novels and I can t wait to see one of them as a TV show or movie I m waiting, Hollywood Sager solidified a fan in me after reading 2019 s Lock Every Door so I knew that his upcoming 2020 release Home Before Dark wouldn t disappoint Growing up in a nearby town of the Amityville Horror story, I knew that this book would be enticing for me Home Before Dark is reminiscent of The Haunting of Hill House, in a town based on The Amityville Horror I got serious gothic vibes from this title, so then Sager s previous work, and the pacing of the story is unique to anything he s ever written The two point of views are current day and then it jumps you into excerpts of a book written about Maggie s family s time at Baneberry Hall I found this writing style very unique and it s no wonder that the rights to this book were already optioned for film. SCREAMS IN THRILLER ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME WITH THIS COVER Well I was looking for a book to take my mind off of what is going on in the world right now and this was definitely a great choice I don t know if I m a true lover of ghost stories but I like great fiction with supernatural elements This author once again has written a book that will be at the top of my list of best books of 2020 thrillers for sure.The author has written a book within a book for this novel and she has done it very well It does keep you on your toes at first but then the book just takes off and you re in for a riveting, who and what do I believe, twisty, turny story For me I personally prefer a novel with well developed characters and even the ghosts are fully described One point of view is that of Maggie Holt a young woman who has just inherited an old house when her father recently passed away She had lived in the house when she was 5 years old but she has no memory of that time and her parents still will not tell her why they left that house and all of their things and never went back Of course Maggie, who has a business with friend Alli, knows how to restore interiors and wants to go back to Baneberry Hall, clear it out and get it ready for sale She also wanted to find out why her parents would never tell her what went on during that time She has lived all of her life with the stigma of her father s book Some people loved it, others thought he was terrible to write it because it made their town look bad She does find out the truth, first slowly and then the tension builds and there are so many things happening at the same time This part of the story was great, very easy to follow and I loved the characters.The other point of view is the actual writing from Maggie s father s book, There are entire pages of the book where we really get a different vibe of what went on during those few weeks when they lived there I think I always hurried to get back to this part of the book It was creepier with a bigger ghost vibe and snakes, oh You Will Never Think the Same Way About Snakes.ever.I really thought the entire novel was wonderfully crafted and the prose was great, the story flowed quickly The characters were believable if a bit predictable The ending was Amazing and it just turned into different answers, first one way, then another, I truly was confused about what the truth was I m not going to ruin the story but I will leave you with this quote Oh Maggie, she says You really shouldn t have done that Unease slams onto my shoulders, so forceful that all of Baneberry Hall seems to shake Also it s a wonder why anyone would build an estate and let poisonous berries grow all over your property even though you have a young child, then you name the place after the plant, craziness You will all love it, just buy it, you won t be sorry I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through EdelweissHome Before Dark is set to publish on June 30, 2020 I love an author s vivid creativity and trying something unexpected to exceed his or her previous writing performances by taking a challenge and trying something brand new.Riley Sager is one of the most brilliant authors raises the bars and waltz between genres and serves us fresh baked from oven kind of delicious, soul crushing, mind numbing, exhilarating, surprising stories with WTF I just read kind of twisty, the rug pulled out from your feet kind of endings.This time he dances between horror, supernatural, ghost stories and mix them with true crime, murder, whodunit elements You sense Amityville Horror, Haunting of Hill House and a little bit Exorcist , Shining and Conjuring vibes At some parts you sense the author s tribute to Stephen King novels by using his favorite elements like dysfunctional family dynamics, small town mystery, the thin line between madness and reality.So get ready to freak out because you re reading two books at the same time One of them belongs to Megan Holt s POV, inherited a so called haunted house from her father after his sudden death and advised her not to go there again Other book belongs to Megan s father Ewan telling us their 20 days of horrifying experience at the house with his soon to be ex wife and 5 years old Megan.Ewan s part of the book published and haunted Megan s life forever, prevented her forming normal relationships and having a real social life She only have one close friend and business partner Allie helps her renovating houses and now she decides to move to Baneberry Hall the haunted family Victorian estate and learn the truth her family is hiding because she never believed that ghostbusters against paranormal activity bullshit But as soon as she takes her first step in the house, unbelievable and spooky things start to happen Megan still has no idea about what happened when she was little and she insisted her parents to come clean but they denied her.And Ewan s book is entertaining and horrifying than Megan s POV, making you feel like any time Winchester Brothers appear out of nowhere to help the family pouring salt on the floor and put the ghosts on fire Especially the creepy song plays at the night time gave me so much creeps and huge desire to scream till my throat burns.I don t want to give spoils but I may only say the ending is satisfying and some parts are foreseeable but you still want to ask yourself What Why WTH yes, you partly expected some parts but not the whole picture I filled like my spidey senses out of juice I also have to add last two books covers of the author are fantastic They give you a brief warning that something terrifying and disturbing is waiting you as soon as you flip the pages.Overall Pacing is good However, at some parts I lost my interest for Megan s POV and I enjoyed Ewan s book so much , it is still riveting, heart throbbing, nail, elbow, hand, arm biter, unputdowable, creepy story that I ve dreamt of I was so ready to sell my not so precious soul to get an ARC COPY and my wish came true.So I m giving 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 Special thanks to NetGalley and Dutton Books for ARC of one of the most anticipated thrillers of this year in exchange my honest review and thanks to Riley Sager, I loved this book than Lock Every Door bloginstagramfacebooktwitter 4.5 creepy haunted house starsThis was my first Riley Sager read and I know he has scores of fans This one was definitely a page turner and had so many twists and turns that I didn t know what to believe most of the time Front and center in this one is THE house Baneberry Hall is it haunted as the bestselling book House of Horrors claims or did the author make it all up Maggie was just a child when her parents bought Baneberry Hall in Vermont and they fled from the house just a few weeks later, never to return Maggie s father wrote the book and it became a big hit Maggie never believed it was true Now the house is her inheritance and she plans to fix it up Upon arrival, strange events start happening and Maggie starts to doubt her beliefs, maybe what her father wrote is all true Will the ghosts drive her away as well Or will Maggie determine the truth This one was a fast paced tale, with present day events alternating with chapters from the House of Horrors book The end had quite a few head spinning twists at the end and was cleverly plotted Fans of ghost stories will definitely like this one.Thank you to Riley Sager, Edelweiss, and Dutton for an early copy of this one to read and review This one releases 6.30.2020 I predict it will be a big summer hit

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