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The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4 While it made me laugh out loud on occasion, this book was just not for me I know Adrian is supposed to be clueless but he s also obnoxious and most of the time I wanted to reach through the pages to choke him His situation is not a good one, but I 1 dead star.Yes, I hate this book so much, I killed its sole, lonely star As this was a school assigned book, I have written a much formal review from an objective point of view for my English class I also wrote a review purely for me, from a very subjective point of view Feel free to just read the objective one but if you want to see how bad the book was for me, personally, read to the end.Without further adoThe Objective Review From an objective point of view, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 wasn t half bad Adrian Mole is your average, English, teenage boy living in the 80 s As he goes through puberty, he must struggle with conflicting emotions, parent troubles, pimples, and first love I would have preferred the diary to be on a interesting character and lifestyle but that is just my personal preference.This book is told from Adrian Mole s point of view, in a series of diary entries The mundane, everyday updates could provide many points for the reader to relate to Adrian is, quite frankly, an ungrateful, arrogant kid, but in the underlying messages, you can tell he does have an understanding of love The things his family goes through would be pretty t Adrian Mole S First Love, Pandora, Has Left Him A Neighbor, Mr Lucas, Appears To Be Seducing His Mother And What Does That Mean For His Father The BBC Refuses To Publish His Poetry And His Dog Swallowed The Tree Off The Christmas Cake Why Indeed. I ve just read this to my daughter who is exactly this age I d read the book when it first came out but it was great to revisit both it and the memories that it stirred Reliving the Falklands War, the Royal Wedding, mass unemployment, stress over the changes to the school system etc was fascinating if only to realise how little has changed We almost had to stop reading at one point as each day s literary Mole catastrophe coincidentally seemed to then occur in my daughter s real life her first spot, the disastrous school trip We both loved it and she has been inspired to start a diary I ve read everyone of the Mole books the Weapons of Mass Destruction will remain my favourite for obvious reasons What a talent Word of warning though if you do get these on audio books, don t play them in the car wh Like many before him, pimply, priggish, pretentious 13 year old Adrian Mole well, 13 and three fourths, to be precise begins a diary on New Year s Day Well, he Leicester had me from the very start Adrian s the sort of boy who imagines a future in which his parents, his teachers, school bully Barry Kent, and just about everyone will be sorry that they weren t nicer to him My favorite quote Perhaps when I am famous and my diary is discovered, people will understand the torment of being a 13 year old undiscovered intellectual His entries over two years detail his frustrations with his parents, his infatuation with the popular Pandora, his pompous posing as an intellectual artiste, his snobbery and self dramatization, his dreadful poems, and the awkward obsessions with acne and being cool endemic to all teens in every age His obliviousness and the usual teen self absorption, while amusing, brings back memories of my own 13th year, when I locked myself in my room after school every day, wrote book reviews, and cried about my hard, hard life as the pampered daughter who never lifted a finger about the house Leicester, UK, in the 1980s clearly wasn t that different from Miami in 1970s, another, innocent ag The Diary of Adrian Mole is like a snarky one liner that continues for 135 pages Adrian is a self centered, irreverent British 14 year old whose diary entries include nuggets of wisdom such as Pandora and I are in love It is official She told Claire Neilson, who told Nigel, who told me. I told Nigel to tell Claire to tell Pandora that I return her love I am over the moon with joy and rapture I can overlook the fact that I read Adrian Mole first when I was his age, but before my interest in the opposite sex was kindled It left enough impression to resurface The secondhand paperbacks in original English are literally leafing loose from overreading in my late twenties What do older readers get out of him A hilarious reminder that we were all once this young and stupid, coupled with the relief that we came through The first book rem You ve probably heard of The Secret although not any it would seem Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 but I ll review it anyway.The diary covers the period January 1981 through to beginning of April 1982 Therefore Adrian was not 13 throughout the story false advertising instead he was merely 13 at the beginning and 15 at the end.It is now 30 years since the diary s release and apart from mentions to the price of things 30,000 for a semi detached house, if only and the mention of certain politicians of the time it hasn t really dated Big events of the time are covered like the Royal wedding between Prince Charles and Lady Diana Also the country is in a recession it seems which may have reflected the time period I was born during the time period so can t remember it but have been told that it was a recession.Adrian Mole is funny because of his woe is me attitude to everything that happens to him He is an intellectual too self classified He also has an innocence, particular April 25I start reading a book called Diary of a Nobody It is boring and not much happens, also Mr Pooter is pretty dim I don t get it Why would anyone want to write a book about a nobody who takes himself far too seriously I decide that I will write a book about myself that will be quite different, it will be full of important things I do and extremely interesting Perhaps I will call it Diary of a Somebody But then people won t know which somebody it is, since everyone is somebody I decide that a better title will be Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 and 3 4 I am just about to start writing some important things when my mother reminds me that I said I would tidy up my room I will write about them when I have finished tidying.April 26I have received letters from two people I don t know, called MJ Nicholls and Knig o lass They both want to be in my diary This is a bit strange, since my diary is secret, but I write back to say I will put them in if they do some silly things with yoga, teddy bears and toffee apples I think this is very original, and shows I am a Somebody April 27I have re It s been a long time since I ve even picked up an Adrian Mole book or watched the TV show, and reading this one I was expecting lots of unnecessary teen drama Surprisingly Adrian is actually a very witty main character and this book is much funny than griping, full of weird mishaps and Adrian s musings of hi

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See this thread for information.Susan Lillian Sue Townsend is a British novelist, best known as the author of the Adrian Mole series of books Her writing tends to combine comedy with social commentary, though she has written purely dramatic works as well She suffered from diabetes for many years, as a result of which she was registered blind in 2001, and has woven this theme into her work.

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