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Miss Janie's Girls A Bittersweet Reunion Becomes A Time For Looking Back And Starting Over In A Heartwarming New Novel From New York Times Bestselling Author Carolyn BrownMiss Janie Is At The End Of A Long And Full Life, But She Has No Intention Of Crossing That Finish Line Until She S Found Her Girls It S Been Ten Years Since Teresa And Kayla Shook Off The Dust Of Birthright, Texas, Went Their Separate Ways, And Never Looked Back Apart From Their Foster Mom, Miss Janie, They Don T Have Many Fond Memories Of Their Hometown Or Of Each Other Still, Neither Can Forget The Kind Woman Who Opened Her Home And Heart To Two Teenagers In NeedWhen A Private Investigator Who Just Happens To Be Miss Janie S Handsome Nephew Tracks Them Both Down And Tells Them Miss Janie Is Dying, Teresa And Kayla Know Deep Down That They Ve Got To Be There For Her As She Had Been There For ThemWith Teresa And Kayla Together Again Under The Same Roof, Old Tensions May Flare, But With Miss Janie S Help, They Might Rediscover That Home Is The Perfect Place For New Beginnings

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    Miss Janie s running out of time and she has one last chance to re connect with her girls.Will they want to come back Will they even be found Miss Janie is dying of cancer and is battling Alzheimers and she s left notes for her girls in case she loses her memory.What isn t predicted is how the girls will react to the new

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    This is such a touching novel that shows love and forgiveness can heal all broken hearts Surviving a big loss as a teenager, Miss Janie became the foster mother of two young girls who were removed from an abusive and negligent home After being diagnosed with Alzheimers and Cancer, Miss Janie knew her time was coming to an end

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    I laughed and cried Full RTC

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    I want to start by saying that I took longer to read this book than normal because I had to take breaks See Carolyn Brown did such an amazing job with this book that I felt every emotion they felt in the story I am not an emotional person and it takes A LOT to make me cry but this book had me crying almost every time I picked it up, and b

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    Book Review ARCMiss Janie s Girls by author, Carolyn Brown Expected Release July 28th 2020Sarah Jane Jackson A girl with a turbulent childhood, now a women well into advanced age She s praying fortime, time to find her girls and to bring them home before her life takes a direction she s not fully prepared for.Miss Janie s Girls is a story that

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    Miss Janie s Girls by Carolyn Brown left me slightly confused The story of two girls, adopted while in high school by Miss Janie who worked at the school, have come home to take care of Miss Janie as she faces death due to Alzheimer s and bone cancer The description of Miss Janie s decline is vivid and heart wrenching Obviously Carolyn Brown has done

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    Miss Janie s Girls is a beautifully written, emotionally charged story of how the events of childhood can affect the growth into adulthood and how love can help heal those wounds Miss Janie was a teenage, pregnant girl forced to give up her twins for adoption and then banished to live with her aunt which turned into a blessing Later in life, she took in tw

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    This is a beautiful book but I m not sure I would call it a romance exactly There is romance in the book for both Teresa and Kayla and Noah, the nephew but any romance is secondary Really, this feltlike a family saga, a drama about healing from really difficult pasts and coming to redefine what family really means It was well written and detailed, leading to hei

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    Miss Janie s Girls is another of Carolyn Brown s beautiful stories about what constitutes family Teresa and Kayla, who were fostered by Miss Janie, are pressured by Noah, Jane s great nephew and attorney to return and assist the dying woman during her final weeks The girls have to learn to let go of their past perceptions of themselves and each other to be able get al

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    I have read a lot of Carolyn Brown s books and this is the first time I have mixed feelings about it.Janie s story was heartbreaking, how her parents treated her was just cruel Not physically but mentally cruel She fosters two young girls who had troubled pasts, even though they were shown love from Janie they disappear for years Years go by and Janie s nephew Noah, who als

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