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Hidden Bones Charts Bestselling Author Vivian Barz Pits Susan Marlan And Eric Evans Against A New Menacing Adversary In This Suspenseful Sequel To Her Acclaimed Debut, Forgotten Bones Two Months Have Passed, And The Horrors Of Death Farm Still Torment Police Officer Susan Marlan And College Professor Eric Evans Susan Struggles To Regain Her Zeal For Fighting Crime, While Eric Is Slowly Coming To Terms With His Newfound Gift Of Seeing The DeadSeeking Much Needed Rest, Susan And Eric Follow Their Musician Friend Jake And His Band To Washington State But Once They Reach The Cheerless Town Of Clancy, Eric S Murderous Visions Start Again Something Seems Wrong About The Town And Its Aloof Citizens And Suspicions Turn To Dread When Members Of Jake S Band Go MissingEric, Susan, And Jake Search Deep In The Dark Forest Of The Olympic Peninsula, Where Many Have Disappeared But The Harder They Search, The Less Cooperative The Locals Become As The Case Begins Looking Like A Murder Investigation, The Trio Must Work Together To Locate The Lost And Uncover Chilling Town Secrets Buried In The Darkest Of Places

About the Author: Vivian Barz

Vivian Barz grew up on a farm in a small Northern California town of less than three thousand people With plenty of fresh air and space to let her imagination run wild, she began penning mysteries at a young age One of Barz s earliest works, a story about a magical scarecrow with a taste for children s blood, was read to her third grade class during show and tell It received mixed reviews Vivian kept writing, later studying English and film and media studies at the University of California, Irvine She now resides in Los Angeles, where she is always working on her next screenplay and novel Barz also writes under the pen name Sloan Archer.

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    Imagine having a gift for seeing the dead Kind of creepy but nevertheless it s unique.Now imagine a chilly prologue with a corpse beneath a tree alluding to a previous work with a strong underlying tone that set the pace.The deeply dark and disturbing scenery also h

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    Susan and Eric follow their musician friend Jake and his band to Washington State But once they reach the cheerless town of Clancy, Eric s murderous visions start again Something seems wrong about the town and its aloof citizens and suspicions turn to dread when members of

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    Hidden Bones Review2 stars Vivian Barz thriller has some interesting ideas and dark, horror influenced sequences but is let down by clunky dialogue and unconvincing characters.Hidden Bones starts with an excellently chilly prologue where a corpse is hidden beneath the roots of a

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    This is book 2 in the series I read and reviewed book 1 previously on netgalley Sad to say, this one didn t do it for me Whether I ve read too much between book 1 and 2, or I forgot too much of book 1 I didn t care for the characters at all this time The paranormal aspect was too much i

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    Two months have passed, and the horrors of Death Farm still torment police officer Susan Marlan and college professor Eric Evans Susan struggles to regain her zeal for fighting crime, while Eric is slowly coming to terms with his newfound gift of seeing the dead.Seeking much needed rest, Susan

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    ARC provided by Netgalley via the publisher in exchange for an honest review Chuck, Madison and Jake are all part of a music band.Susan is a local cop and Eric is a professor at the community college Eric is a clairvoyant schizophrenic who aided in the investigation of the death farm and has received

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    Hidden Bones is my first book by this author and is the second book in a series but I did not have trouble catching up with the gist of the original story On leave after a horrible past case, police officer Susan Marlan and college professor Eric Evans are looking for a good time by following their friend s

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    Schizophrenia, crazy or seeing the dead I had not read book one, and apparently I am one of the few who had issues I was lost Then as I started grasping the premise and plot I enjoyed it muchStill got lost on all the faces and people, I had to reread some sections a couple of times I didn t guess the ring leader b

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    I picked up this book without realizing that it was the second in a series The storyline frequently referenced events at Death Farm and I waited for an explanation which never came Now I realize that the Death Farm events took place in a previous book but I think there could have been some recap for a reader new to the s

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    Extremely intense and a wee bit grisly, well written with great characters and an electrifying storyline It seems like poor Eric is not only slow on picking up clues but he is also a reluctant medium, he sees and talks to dead people Poor fella thinks he s going nuts, what a hoot He and his friends have landed smacked dab into

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