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The Man Without Qualities Set in Vienna on the eve of World War I, this great novel of ideas tells the story of Ulrich, ex soldier and scientist, seducer and skeptic, who finds himself drafted into the grandiose plans for the th jubilee of the Emperor Franz Josef This new translation published in two elegant volumes is the first to present Musil s complete text, including material that remained unpublished during his lifetime

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    This book is huge in every respect It is a culmination and at the same time marks a decisive point in my reading life For the books from the same league as this one, the bar is now set quite high.Musil s AshesIn this special case I think I have to say something about the author and the way the book was published The novel remained fragme

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    This book is widely regarded as a classic The author spent twenty years writing it There are three volumes of which this review is of volume one, the only one that is widely read There are a variety of characters but little plot The main character is 32 year old mathematician who is actually unemployed Like the author, Ulrich was previous

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    The Man Without Qualities is an unusual novel More a work of philosophy than fiction, the Socratic interactions of its two dozen or so characters provide the framework for Musil s philosophical investigations These conversations, deep and varied in scope, are the fat formed about the scant bones of the ineffectual Parallel Campaign The ph

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    A comic novel A modern novel A novel of ideas andThis is without a doubt my favorite novel and one that both encapsulates and foreshadows the the development of the modern condition Musil s scientific mind is able to present a humanistic view of the world of Ulrich and the rest of the characters that inhabit this novel Continuously inventiv

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    This is the greatest demonstration of human thought I have ever encountered It demonstrates that the novel can be the best method for deciphering and analysing the human condition and the nature of existence that we have, over and above philosophy, history, politics, psychology, sociology or any other ology you care to mention His range is b

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    I m not one for superlatives, but this has to be the greatest novel I have ever read, hands down even including the Brother s Karamazov it is almost as if this book carried the former s concerns into the 20th century, evolving them in the process The characters, situations and philosophical discussions have a level of complexity and observati

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    It s all decadence A bottomless pit of intelligenceFirst and foremost, I d like to make it clear that my rating isa reflection of my personal enjoyment of this novel than of its literary merit Musil had a brilliant mind and a startlingly innovative writing style I worship his Confusions of Young T rless Also, the philosophical, psychological,

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    This review is for the Picador edition translated by Shophie Wilkins and Burton Pike.I don t know how people found books to read before the internet and Goodreads Goodreads has been recommending me this book for a very long time Finally I ve managed to read it Anyway about the book This is posibilly the most accessible, inspiring, and influenti

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    This is a world masterpiece Musil seems to me everything that Mann isn t Totally engaged with humanity while at the same time a superb, highly nuanced commentator on his society, time and the human condition I ve also picked up the newer translation but haven t read it yet If the big, soaring, grand, worldbeater novels, this may well be the best

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    Revolutionary views I m afraid I must admit that I m by no means an out and out opponent of revolutionary views Short of an actual revolution, of course Even the outright reactionaries pretend to dig the new until the new starts breaking the old order of things And The Man Without Qualities is groundbreaking in everything and in all directions It

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