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Temptation Shy Student Penny Taylor Always Follows The Rules At Least, That S How It Appears To Her Classmates But She Has One Illicit Secret She S Fallen Hard For Her Professor And She S Pretty Sure He S Fallen For Her TooEveryone Loves Professor Hunter He S Tall, Dark, And Handsome And Completely Unobtainable But It S The Secrets Hiding Behind His Deep Brown Eyes That Allures Penny Secrets Darker Than She Could Ever ImagineJames Hunter Gave Up His Billionaire Lifestyle In NYC Last Year To Become A Professor The Easiest New Rule To Follow Don T Fraternize With The Students It S Easy To Follow Because He S Become Quite The Recluse In His New Town The Only Way He Knows How To Keep His Secrets BuriedBut He Never Expected To Be Teaching Such A Beautiful Student He Has To Resist Her He Needs To Walk Away Penny Deserves Better Than A Man With His Demons But She S Daring Him To Cross The Line And He S Never Been One To Resist Temptation SO MUCH CRINGE.1 I had an actual negative physical reaction every single time I had to read Yes she screamed Oh my God, who writes that 2 Dialogue in generally was awkward and unnaturally verbose.3 Instalove.4 Main character is a total idiot.5 The roommate best friend is such a jerk Why would you be friends with this person This thing, though, the main thing it needs to not have a number.Throughout the book our main character struggles with whether or not to date a guy that sexually assaults her at the beginning of the book There is no question of if they should be friends, they re instantly best friends after he apologizes and continues to try to get into her pants I found this so distasteful and egregious that throughout the entire book I kept waiting for the punchline. FREE limited time AMZ US AMZ UK BN KOBO 1 2 Temptation, book 1 of 2 A College girl caught in a forbidden affair with her professor, torn between her insecurities his secretsI felt my jaw drop slightly as he let his eyes rest on my exposed breasts I wanted to say something enticing and sexy but my mind was foggyBooks in The Hunted series should be read in order Book 1 TemptationBook 2 AddictionBook 2.5 City of Sin Mason BeeBook 3 EruptionBook 3.5 Addiction Rob DaphneBook 4 DevotionTemptation book 1 opens up to nineteen year old University Student Penny Taylor recovering from a heartbreak She cannot believe her luck when she catches the attention of a handsome stranger in a coffee shop only to discover he is her new marketing professor.From the onset, entrepreneur and honorary professor James Hunter sends mixed signals until he gives into his base desires for some explosive and reckless public sex that leaves Penny dazed, confused and wanting.And so their nothing short of tempestuous whirlwind affair begins with professor Hunter in the driver seat and Penny at times making poor choices while trying to hold her own next the larger than life, enigmatic and composed professorHe left me naked and alone in his office, addicted to him than everNine words to describe James Hunter Poised, enigmatic, jaded, blunt, charismatic, dominant, elusive, possessive and non committal.Eight words to describe Penny Taylor Immature, insecure, sweet, na ve, impressionable, indecisive, sensitive and broken.Temptation, told Penny s POV, allows for Professor Hunter to remain a mystery It s a fast paced forbidden romance keeping you on your toes with secret, shockers, mistakes and lies Not surprisingly it ends much like it reads tumultuously Needless to say I am very much looking forward to book 2, Addiction for the continuation of their story Larger than life hero Addciting plotGod, his cock was huge, almost falling out of his boxersHero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 3.75 starsSexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 4.5 starsSex scenes frequency 5 starsPlot rating 5 starsDialogue rating 4.5 starsStorytelling rating 4.5 starsStory ending rating N A Overall rating 4.5 starsWould I recommend this series Yes.Would I re read this series Maybe later.Would I read future books by this author Yes.FREE limited time AMZ US AMZ UK BN KOBO This book gives new meaning to the phrase Hot for teacher I was really torn with rating this book Even while writing this review, I m torn I enjoyed this book and it proved to be a fast read I have also read some of the later books in the series and finally got the chance to read the book which started the series I can see where the Author has grown as a writer For me this was fun, escapism reading Penny is a nineteen year old college student who bumps into a man in a coffee shop Her coffee spills on her and he offers her his sweater to wear as an apology She accepts while noticing how good looking the man is What could have been an innocent encounter turns serious when she shows up for her first class and is shocked to see that the man who gave her his sweater is her professor, James Hunter Lust and longing enter stage leftThey have instantaneous lust and longing for each other which is complicated by him being her professor and also because of a fellow student who wants to be than friends with Penny as well Both throw caution to the wind and enter into a relationship.Forbidden romance full of angst, secrets, and false assumptions Some of the characters are immature and I wanted to take and shake them I wasn t a big fan of her roommate and at times, Penny s immaturity was annoying At times, I wondered what a twenty seven year old professor who once had his own company would see in her Having read some of the later books, I can say that she does mature and shows growth in later books Plus, he is her professor I kept thinking of all the legal, ethical and moral issues that would come into play of a professor becoming involved intimately romantically with a student I would imagine that all universities would frown down upon that and have strict rules code of conduct guidelines But then again, wasn t that the point That their relationship is naughty and forbidden That they are throwing caution to the wind and going for it, it is a forbidden romance after all I did enjoy learning how the Penny and James I met in latter books, met in this book This is definitely not your mother s harlequin romance There are some hot scenes so if you don t like sex scenes in your romance books this wont be for you If you are willing to overlook the issues surrounding the forbidden romance, you might just enjoy these characters and their story So even with some of the issues I had with the book, I enjoyed it It was a fast steamy read. 4 Forbidden stars from meI love forbidden romances novels but I m not a great fan of student teacher relationshipMaybe because they are making me nervous, I m always on the edge of what will happen when somebody will catch them And yep, i was feeling this nervousness while i was reading this story, but i was catching myself to enjoy it very much It was an intense, seductive, steamy and very intoxicating story And i loved it, even though in some points i want to hit Penny very much But let me take the things from the beginning First of all, this book was seperated in three parts Part 1 Penny and James accidentally met each other and instantly they got under each others skin But soon they discovered that they are connected somehow.He was her professor in Comm class and she was his student But fate always got them to each others way and they tried really hard to resist to the temptationIn that part, i loved so much all the flirting between the two of them It was weird and uncommon and that s why i liked it so muchProfessor Hunter was using the method of teaching to pass hot and delicious messages to Penny and Penny in her own way she was doing the same while she was answering some of his question in the classroom God I enjoyed so much those moments in the classroom I was smiling so muchExcept for that, i really loved James Hunter He was such a hottie Yummy Part 2 James gave in the temptation and they started an onorthodox secret relationship Here we were having the honeymoon phase until some hidden secrets were starting to be revealed and turned everything upside down.You know, here there was all those sexy scenes and the builting of beautiful memories that they will be their companion for after Part 3 Penny found out a major secret for James and she got a little bit wild and crazyOkay, she was right in an aspect but still she was acting a little bit irrational And she forgot that she was keeping also something from him Her attitude was making me crazy I wanted to slap her so badly So, Penny and James gave in the temptation Is it only lust that they are feeling for each other Or there is something , something solid that it will keep them together Is it possible for those two to overcome all those secrets that are standing between them Can they have a true relationship when for all the others their status are making them forbidden to each other Is it possible for them to find their safe haven in each other s embraceI have to warn you The obstacles are too manyJames Hunter was a sexy, handsome, intelligent and very bold man In the most part of the book, he was having this mysterious aura to surround him From the first moment, he caught me on his seductive web Okay, Penny also LOL He was such a gentleman and he knew how to treat a woman And as i found out later, he was like a wild beast on sex He was so controling and demanding some times, but he was also kind and caring Well, until the last page, i was questioning his motives I really didn t know if he was telling the truth even though that he was sounding really sincere and I m so fuckin sure that there are many secrets in his life that we haven t discover yet He had an ugly past and in some phases, he was letting his guard down and we could see a vulnerable man baneath the hard and sure exterior He really liked Penny and he was determined to have her even though that he was putting his carreer at stake.I really liked him and i think that i am a little bit infatuated by him He is still a mystery, but a mystery that i would love to solveThe realization hit me hard This wasn t a game Flirting with him wasn t the same as it was with guys my own age Professor Hunter had an air of danger around him He was intriguing because he terrified meThe only thing that it was making me much nervous was his boldness He was acting like he didn t care if somebody will catch them He was showing up on her dorm room, they were fucking in public places and things like that they were making my heart to beat like crazy from my fear, but i have the impression that i was the only person that i was felt like that Oh I forgot to tell you that he was insanely wealthy and i couldn t understand why the hell he was teaching But okay, i think i understand now And now, my lovely Penny I have to admit that my most objections were about her and her attitude.I liked her very much in the beginning, She was nice and cute and a little bit sassy But it turned out that she was a little bit stubborn and she was acting irrational I would call her a little bit of immature too, but maybe i can blame her age Well, Penny was presented as a girl not too bold, with just one relationship The kind and sweet girl that is staying at home and doesn t want to go out to party all the time But in this story, she became a little bit wild Maybe her lust over professor Hunter turned her to a bold woman, but i think that it was a little bit wrong She was a little bit confusing in many matters Her raging hormones were driving me crazyThe hunger in his eyes was a temptation I could no longer resist I had been lying to myself this whole time.I wasn t a good girl I was bad And boldness suddenly came easily to meYep, she was madly in love with James, but when she was mad with him she was acting so irrational, and she was doing big mistakes.I didn t like the fact that when she learned James secret, she preferred to act like stupid that sit down and talk to him And i have to remind her that she was keeping a secret too A secret that was seemed minus but it could destroyed them once for all I also didn t like how she played Tyler He didn t deserved this kind of treatment.And for God s sake Why in the hell this girl was calling her lover Professor Hunter even in their most intimate moments I will never get oner this shit I also want to tell that i really liked Tyler and that wasn t so good I preffered that in the beginning appeared as the villain, but damn it He turned out to be such a wonderfull guy and i really got confused I truly liked him, but not for Penny Right I still preffer James As for her best friend, Melissa I liked her and i didn t liked her I liked that she was such a good friend for Penny and she was taking care after her, but i didn t liked that she was so insisted in other matters I think that her insistence was complicating the things for Penny even Well, the end was ugly There were so many hidden truths beside James and Penny and i want so badly for those two to find their HEA together Ivy Smoak, i hate you No, i don tWhy you had to write another three parts I m dying here from the agony I want the next chapters in this forbidden loveARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review

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