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The Thing at the Foot of the Bed A collection of ghost stories originating in folk tales told the world over

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    This was my favorite book as a child And I still have it Where s my golden arm Where s mmyyy gooollldddennn aaarrmmmmm

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    This book was recommended to me by a friend, who claimed it was quite spooky I think I would have enjoyed itif I d read it as a child, but there were a couple creepy as hell stories that surprised me, as most of the tales were quite mild.There s an unusual section near the end that details how to summon ghosts, and one of the suggestions was playing music a deceased loved

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    I had this book as a kid and loved it when I saw that Dover had republished it I just had to read it again It is a collection of ghost stories from around the world, though mostly English, Canadian Maritime and African American in origin And not just stories which are usually only a few paragraphs long but there is poetry, games, songs and even a Newfoundland sea shanty The

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    One of my all time favorites since I was in elementary school I checked it out of the school library, and me and my friends would act out the stories at recess I just now remembered about it when I saw a post on facebook to a medieval zombie story , because in the book there is a story about a guy who kicks a skull on the side of the road and it talks to him and has an impor

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    Here the only mysterious element of the unexplained is, why so many people seem to remember this book with fondness Coming to it for the first time as an adult I found it stultifying only three of the pieces work, several are eminently guessable at the halfway mark, and a lot just don t work Mostly this is down to a blatant curtness, that only works with the dead pan tale of

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    this book totally and completely fucked me up for forever.what s worse, the cover of the edition i had as a child i couldn t get the photo html to work sigh this book totally and completely fucked me up for forever.what s worse, the cover of the edition i had as a child i couldn t get the photo html to work sigh

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    I received a digital copy of this title from the publisher via Netgalley.Ten Second Synopsis A collection of traditional ghost stories with information on their purported origins.This is a selection of traditional ghost stories ranging from mildly humorous to reasonably tedious, plus a bizarre collection of beliefs about ghosts and ghostly behaviour and some ghostly games to pl

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    The Thing at the Foot of the Bed and Other Scary Tales was originally published in 1959 It is a short collection of folk tales involving ghosts and a few witch stories I was especially fond of Sweet William s Ghost All stories are brief perfect for short attention spans I had read this book as a child and found it frightening, as an adult I find it quaint Some of these stories I

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    Just re read this in honor of Halloween it s every bit as good as I remembered I had forgotted blocked out the Singing Bone story still gave me the creeps I loved this book of ghost stories as a kid I still remember a few of them vividly, like the one where a man is staying in an abandoned house and these cats keep sticking their paws in his food and saying Sop doll, sop or Sop s

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    A collection of ghost stories humorous and scary This, along with Arrow Book of Spooky Stories which included some of the stories, was one of my favorite books growing up Looking back at it, it seems a little repetitive at points, and the section on games is skippable It is now however interesting to read some of the footnotes in the back of the book as to the origins of the ghost

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