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Decimus Fate and the Talisman of Dreams Decimus Fate Is A New Fantasy Adventure By The Author Of Battle MageWhen The Members Of A Remote Monastery Are Struck Down By A Mysterious Illness, They Enlist The Aid Of A Former Demon Hunter And A Man Known As The Sage Of Blackfell House Setting Out To Find A Cure, They Soon Find Themselves Caught In A Web Of Danger From Ruthless Crime Lords, Vengeful Assassins And Evil Magic Users Who Draw Their Power From The Realm Of Demons But Why Should A Mission Of Mercy Attract Such Grave And Dangerous Threats Because The Sage Of Blackfell House Was Once A Feared And Notorious Sorcerer And His Name Is Decimus Fate

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    Spoiler Alert I m one of those people who firmly believe that a fantasy book needs a Hero or a villain who isn t morally ambiguous similarly, the central conflict has to be compelling.I found no reason to root for the main characters, Decimus and Tutor, nor

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    First book Good foundation This is hopefully the first book in a long series It is so rich Characters that make you wantStory line that starts and end but so muchis buried with in the story This author can take you in any direction Tutor and Fate Please .

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    Decimus Fate and the Talisman of Dreams is a new release by Peter Flannery, author of the best selling epic, Battle Mage This novel is a bit darker than the previous works I ve read by this author, with characters that aremorally gray I really enjoyed this one The characters ar

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    On a fluke I read Pete Flannery s Battle Mage and simply loved it At the time I was so excited that I rush to see if there was, or would be, a second part I was completely disheartened when there wasn t and wasn t going to ever be I added my name to Peter Flannery s mailing list thinking

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    Really enjoyed BattleMage which was 5 stars for me so read this one but it was a hard slog unfortunately Lots of reviews thought it was fast paced, good characters, gripping story but I must have missed all those bits I am pretty confused tbh as there were several story threads that didn t seem to

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    Took me a little while to get invested in this book but once I did I finished it in about two days Excellent follow up to Battle Mage even though I,than anything, wanted this to be an extension of Battle Mage , and a fantastic read Good characters who stay in my favorite place, firmly in the gray areas of m

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    This was probably not a book I would normally have picked up but I won a Goodreads giveaway so thought I would give it a try I was really pleasantly surprisedthe writing and the story are both engaging and fun Its a quick, easy, fun review.Fate and the Tutor on the surface seem like such an unlikely partnership but i

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    Great start to a new series I was extremely excited to see that Flannery had a new book out Battlemage is the only book I would rank among the Lord of the Rings as my favorites Of course I hoped this would be similar it s actually very different, I wouldn t have guessed it was the same author, but it is excellent nonetheless I

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    I hadn t read any fantasy stories in awhile and I was pleased to win a copy of Decimus Fate and The Talisman of Dreams on goodreads Both the main and secondary characters were interesting and the world building was good Although the story held my interest I felt that a few short chapters of backstory at the beginning would have vastly i

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    Highly enjoyable I had recently read Battle Mage and I loved it I thought that I d give this a try, and it was a great story I hope there will be another with these characters Recommended

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