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The Day of the Jackal Librarian Note An Alternate Cover For This Edition Can Be Found Here.The Jackal A Tall, Blond Englishman With Opaque, Gray Eyes A Killer At The Top Of His Profession A Man Unknown To Any Secret Service In The World An Assassin With A Contract To Kill The World S Most Heavily Guarded Man.One Man With A Rifle Who Can Change The Course Of History One Man Whose Mission Is So Secretive Not Even His Employers Know His Name And As The Minutes Count Down To The Final Act Of Execution, It Seems That There Is No Power On Earth That Can Stop The Jackal.

About the Author: Frederick Forsyth

Frederick Forsyth, CBE is an English author and occasional political commentator He is best known for thrillers such as The Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File, The Fourth Protocol, The Dogs of War, The Devil s Alternative, The Fist of God, Icon, The Veteran, Avenger, The Afghan, and recently The Cobra and The Kill List.The son of a furrier, he was born in Ashford, Kent, educated at Tonbridge School and later attended the University of Granada He became one of the youngest pilots in the Royal Air Force at 19, where he served on National Service from 1956 to 1958 Becoming a journalist, he joined Reuters in 1961 and later the BBC in 1965, where he served as an assistant diplomatic correspondent From July to September 1967, he served as a correspondent covering the Nigerian Civil War between the region of Biafra and Nigeria He left the BBC in 1968 after controversy arose over his alleged bias towards the Biafran cause and accusations that he falsified segments of his reports Returning to Biafra as a freelance reporter, Forsyth wrote his first book, The Biafra Story in 1969.Forsyth decided to write a novel using similar research techniques to those used in journalism His first full length novel, The Day of the Jackal, was published in 1971 and became an international bestseller and gained its author the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Novel It was later made into a film of the same name.

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    A professional does not act out of fervour and is thereforecalm and less likely to make elementary errors Not being idealistic, he is not likely to have second thoughts at the last minute about who else might get hurt in the explosion o

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    To those that gave this 4 or 5 stars I completely get it I really do I found much impressiveness in this classic spy story, despite the 3 star ceiling I ended up placing on it Technically proficient and drenched in details, this is as authenti

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    The day of the jackal was over, and I was glad of that Just because this old thriller was related to a favored genre of mine the historical fiction didn t mean I would like outdated thrillers with no idea that hasn t been milked by movies of various ch

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    Still Amazing the Second Time Around 5 Stars In the past 16 years, with the exception of the Bible, I have never read a book twice I enjoy the unknown and the mystery of the unravelling When doing a Book Pal read, I decided to pick up a book that is in my Top

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    One of the things that I like about Goodreads is that it sthan just a bunch of book reviews It s a location where book lovers can exchange stories, discuss books, buy and sell books and simply go on and on about their favorite and not so favorite books So please indul

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    This book is one of the best books in its genre Haven t found a book which can be at par with The Day of the Jackal.

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    I m not too versed with spy espionage novels but I expected somethinginteresting The beginning was a sheer cliff of a learning curve So, so many details, dates and people I reread it 3 times before giving up and hoping that I d catch on eventually I did catch on, I thinkthere still m

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    Re reading The Day of the Jackal, Frederick Forsyth s 1972 Edgar winner for Best Novel, was perhaps evensatisfying than reading it for the first time can it really have been 36 years ago I would never quibble with the committee s choice on this one.As most people probably know, the book deal

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    This swept through our lives like a simulacrum of the fire of London Everyone was reading and loving this story that took just over a week to write.It was the first time there was a generic book buzz in my life and I became hooked on that buzz Right.There And Then Wasn t so long after that Forsyth d

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    Any details I give about this book will quaff the fun out of this engaging read, so I would stick to the literary basics The author does very well in setting up the context in the first half and drives the reader to fast paced action that follows The Day of the Jackal is a captivating battle between two met

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