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I Blame the Scapegoats A doctor in America has just invented a sperm sorting machine At least that s what he claimed when his receptionist burst into the office to find him doing something peculiar with the Hoover attachment Apparently the system used for separating the male and female sperm is remarkably simple A sample is placed in the petri dish with a microscopic pile of household items on a tiny staircase All the sperm that go straight past without picking anything up are obviously boys.John O Farrell s first collection of columns GLOBAL VILLAGE IDIOT was a huge success prompting fulsome praise from such major public figures as the Queen Mother, Roy Jenkins and Cardinal Hume Sadly, since their deaths, their glowing endorsements cannot be officially verified So here instead is another collection of funny, satirical essays on a hundred and one 21st century subjects Read how the government plans to introduce Santa loans that will leave school children 10,000 in debt for all the presents that used to be free from Father Christmas Learn how the EU is being expanded to include Narnia And did you know that American war planes now have a little sticker on the back saying How s my bombing with an 0800 number to call if they blow up any Muslim country in a discourteous of aggressive manner.

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    The wit is there but it s edge is curbed by the time that has elapsed since it was topical.There s certainly some clever things to laugh at, but there is much better available, including other books by this author.My rating would be 2.5.

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    Since reading An Utterly Impartial History of Britain or 2000 Years of Upper Class Idiots In Charge, and finding it brilliant, I ve been looking for other books written by the same author and recently found this Even if these articles were written almost 15 years ago, I thought, it ll be fun It wasn t Wha

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    This is my first exposure to John s work Essentially, he wrote a humor column in a British publication and its subjects are mainly politics and sports John leans heavily to the left and falls completely into acidic and sarcastic wit.The material collected in this book is very dated and some of the humorous

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    Perfect for keeping next to your bed when you know you are tired but want to read something These are three page essays on a wide range of subjects which are just so cleverly observed and mildly ridiculous OK I love reading or less anything by J O F but heartily recommend this one

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    A collection of newspaper articles which muse upon the inanities of every day life.

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