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Interpreter of Maladies Navigating Between The Indian Traditions They Ve Inherited And The Baffling New World, The Characters In Jhumpa Lahiri S Elegant, Touching Stories Seek Love Beyond The Barriers Of Culture And Generations In A Temporary Matter, Published In The New Yorker, A Young Indian American Couple Faces The Heartbreak Of A Stillborn Birth While Their Boston Neighborhood Copes With A Nightly Blackout In The Title Story, An Interpreter Guides An American Family Through The India Of Their Ancestors And Hears An Astonishing Confession Lahiri Writes With Deft Cultural Insight Reminiscent Of Anita Desai And A Nuanced Depth That Recalls Mavis Gallant.

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    How s this for blurbs when the female author published this collection of short stories at age 32 in 1999, she won the Pulitzer Prize, the Pen Hemingway Award and the New Yorker s Debut Book of the Year Like the author s other collection of shorts that I have reviewed Unaccustomed Earth, 2008 these stories are about Bengali immigrants in the US from the Bengal area of India, around Kolkata for

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    In 2000 Jhumpa Lahiri became the first Indian American to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction for her short story collection The Interpreter of Maladies In these nine poignant stories, Lahiri relates the Indian immigrant experience, connecting the tales and creating one voice for them The stories shared a sadness of being separated from one s family by thousands of miles, yet also offered a glimmer

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    You know a book is good when someone asks you for a synopsis, or snippet, or impression, and all you can do is smile there, enveloped in some subtle magic that only you know about, kinda forget what it was all about altogether This happened with Interpreter of Maladies , a perfectly titled collection of short stories about Indian Americans in India or in the U.S Their ages experiences range from child

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    Writing short stories is not easy A novel is an easier literary form in a way it allows you the space for character and plot development and gives you the space to slowly fall in love with it Short story, on the other hand, is like literary speed dating it only has so much time to set itself apart and make a somewhat decent expression It s much easier for me to think of good novelists than good short stor

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    Interpreter of maladies evokes that space in limbo, that straddling identity of immigrants trying to start a new life abroad and the cultural displacement they suffer both in their native and adopted countries Enriched with colorful details of the Indian tradition, cuisine and celebrations, this collection of nine stories addresses the universal struggle of getting adapted to the ways of a foreign h

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    Interpreter of Maladies, Jhumpa LahiriInterpreter of Maladies is a book collection of nine short stories by Indian American author Jhumpa Lahiri published in 1999 It won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the Hemingway Foundation PEN Award in the year 2000 The stories are about the lives of Indians and Indian Americans who are caught between their roots and the New World 1380 124 964363003 1384 197 1388 978964363

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    In this stirring collection of short stories, Jhumpa Lahiri displays the diasporic struggle of men, assailed by nightmares of home, over the dilemma of assimilating into the new world or holding on to the past culture The author exhibits her majestic power of story telling with such grace and allure that the most wonderful thing happened to me today I seemed to have lost the sense of time while reading this splendid

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    I really enjoyed this collection pf short stories that won the Pulitzer in 2000 Lahiri s limpid text evokes the sadness and nostalgia of being an ex par something I can definitely identify with She has a wonderful word palette allowing her to create these small snapshots of life as a Bengali My favorite was the title story about a part time taxi driver taking an American family around to see temples near Calcutta The dri

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    There are certain things in life that bewilder and baffle us with their staggering normality Things so simple yet unmistakably captivating, common place yet elegant, subtle yet profound Jumpa Lahiri s Pulitzer Prize winning collection of short stories is one of those things She writes with a grace and an elegance that transforms her simple stories into a delicate myriad of words and feelings Each story transforming you into

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    It is interesting to reflect on the fact that humans are so mismatched to the lives and people they choose for themselves A collection of short stories, navigating the intricate web of cultural clashes in India, UK and USA, moving back and forth in history, from the trauma of the Partition to the moon landing and beyond that, circling around families for twenty pages just to let go of them when the reader thinks the narrative st

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Nilanjana Sudeshna Jhumpa Lahiri was born in London and brought up in South Kingstown, Rhode Island Brought up in America by a mother who wanted to raise her children to be Indian, she learned about her Bengali heritage from an early age Lahiri graduated from South Kingstown High School and later received her B.A in English literature from Barnard College in 1989 She then received multiple d

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