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A Different Drummer Set in a mythical backwater Southern town, A Different Drummer is the extraordinary story of Tucker Caliban, a quiet, determined descendant of an African chief who for no apparent reason destroys his farm and heads for parts unknown setting off a mass exodus of the state s entire Black populationNearly three decades offer its first publication, A Different Drummer remains one of the most trenchant, imaginative, and hard hitting works of fiction to come out of the bitter struggle for African American civil rights

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    First published in 1962, A Different Drummer is written by the late African American writer William Melvin Kelley and who has been described as the The Lost Giant of American Literature I wholeheartedly agree, this book was one of the best books I have read in a very long time and will stay with me forever.This powerful and emotive story had me

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    For a short novel, this packs a powerful and hard hitting punch Written by the Afro American William Melvin Kelley over 50 years ago, I had never heard of the author or the book, and it seems that it is only now that it is receiving the acclaim it so thoroughly deserves With language that reflects the time, it was published amidst the background of

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    The Different Drummer was a debut novel published in 1964 by a writer whose name nowadays is mentioned together with James Baldwin and William Faulkner, however, he is not widely known outside literary circles I had never heard of him before, which was a shame, and reading this book was a journey which I now know I should have taken years ago The novel

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    5 The last letter was delivered one morning after David had left for the day. Then he folded it and slid it back in the envelope and said,Well, that s the last one He s promised Perhaps I ll have some peace now For a second I felt very warm and good inside because I was listening to his words, and not the way he d said them I m guilty of hearing what I wan

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    A factious and fictitious state in the union where all the black people decide to leave First, it starts in towns of New Marsails and Sutton But, it eventually it engulfs the entire state Publicly, the govenor and the white people of the state do not see this as an issue After awhile, resentment and a seething hatred starts to deepen and a norhern black minist

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    I remember the name William Melvin Kelley from the time when I was in college, though I never read any of his books then my loss, as it turns out Reading this article created an interest in me to read one of Mr Kelley s books, and I owe Kathryn Schulz a debt of thanks for that A young black man in a mythical town in a mythical Southern state salts his farm land, s

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    A Different Drummer is being hailed as a lost classic of American literature, but I had no idea quite how exquisite and insightful it was going to be until I was already reading First published in 1962, by the then twenty four year old Kelley, it earned him comparisons to literary greats such as William Faulkner and James Baldwin Over fifty years later here it is bein

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    In June 1957, for reasons yet to be determined, all this state s Negro inhabitants departed Today it is unique in being the only state in the Union that cannot count even one member of the Negro race Originally written in 1962 and published in 1964, this isnuanced than I perhaps expected as it engages coolly with issues of race, class and, to a lesser extent, gender in Am

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    William Melvin Kelley is an author I discovered while reading the January 29, 2018 issue of The New Yorker Before that, I d never even heard of this man, although after finishing this book I ll be looking to readof his work While I m not going to divulge many details here, what is most stunning about this book is that the story is revealed through the eyes of the white reside

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    There are these special books that don t come round very often but when they do, they evoke such strong feelings in the reader that makes them impossible to forget That s the way I m still feeling about A Different Drummer a few days after finishing it This is the kind of book that you finish reading and feel emotionally changed as a person It s also the kind of book that you ins

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About the Author: William Melvin Kelley

William Melvin Kelley was a prominent African American novelist and short story writer He was educated at the Fieldston School in New York and later attended Harvard University class of 1960 , where he won the Dana Reed Prize for creative writing.Kelley was a writer in residence at the State University of New York at Geneseo and taught at the New School for Social Research and at Sarah Lawrence College.In 2008, he won the Anisfield Wolf Lifetime Achievement Award Kelley died in Manhattan on February 1, 2017 He was 79.

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