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Lionboy When his parents are kidnapped, what s ten year old Charlie Ashanti to do Rescue them, that s what He doesn t know who has taken his parents, or why But he does know that one special talent will aid him on his journey his amazing ability to speak Cat Charlie calls on his clever feline friends from stray city cats to magnificent caged lions for help With them by his side, Charlie uses wit and courage to try to find his parents before it s too late

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    Well I finished it I d really describe this as fantasy adventure Though if I m honest it doesn t really feature many of the ingredients I personally consider are required for the fantasy adventure recipe I write fantasy adventure The Last Dragon Slayer is currently Free on most Ebook Retailers , to me the genre is about dragons, dwarves, elves, dungeons and battles, with a s

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    This book has been sitting on my shelf since middle school and honestly I wish I read it back then because I think I would have enjoyed itI mean, it s great It has a POC as the main character and that s something I always love because we needdiversity in books Plus he can talk to cats I m thinking that was the reason I picked this book up all those years ago That or the shiny cov

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    Charlie s parents are kidnapped, and Charlie goes searching for them, traveling with a circus, and becoming the LionBoy for a lion act But the lion tamer doesn t know that Charlie can talk to cats Charlie and his lion friends decide to escape the circus and strike out on their own to find his parents.What a fun book Just a romping, rollicking adventure story with lots of layers to it

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    Read this one with my daughter Neither one of us were thrilled with the book We discussed it and found that we were both fairly bored On the bright side it did help her meet reading goals at school.

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    I like how the athor make the coverpage with a lion and the title LION BOY I also liked how the author start talking about how the kid start talking too the animals but only the family of the cats, specially with the lions.The bad part was that the parents of the kid were rapted because they trated to invent a posion that was for the alergickis of the cats In the book the kid go to a circus and

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    The book LionBoy by Zizou Corder was an amazing book It is about a kid named Charlie who has parents that are scientist Charlie also has a special trait where he can talk to cats It all starts when some kid named Rafi who kidnaps his parents because they were working on some cure to asthma So Charlie goes on a huge journey to try and find them First, he joins a circus that is going to Paris because

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    2.5 3 stars I think I would have really liked this as a kid I found the writing a bit simplistic and as if the author s viewed the audience as a bit slow I could really tell that it was aimed for young children by the language alone Main character Charlie didn t have much depth, nor any of the other characters really.Other than that, I had two issues with the book 1 It s never explained how the cat langu

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    I really loved this I didn t actually read it, but the narration was so amazingly enjoyable that I probably will get the next audiobook out as well Ten year old Charlie returns home one day to find that his parents are gone and things don t seem quite right So thus, he goes on an adventure to find them again and bring them back home On his journey, he stows away on boats, joins the floating circus, and consta

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    Fun little adventure that engrosses you and makes you care The main character was surprisingly likeable, the plot wasn t too flimsy, and the pace was pretty good The ending was classically unfulfilling so as to prepare for another two books, which is fine but does mean this book stands less well as a stand alone Some of the action sequences were a little jumpy and under described which was confusing, but you get t

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    3.5 starsNot as good or well written as I remember, but still plenty of fun The futuristic element has definitely aged poorly already, especially around the climate change themes worldbuilding it feels like the early naughties minus aeroplanes, and far too vaguely developed to be convincing.

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