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The Future Lasts Forever On November 16, 1980, Louis Althusser, While Massaging His Wife S Neck, Discovered That He Had Strangled Her The World Renowned French Philosopher Was Immediately Confined To An Insane Asylum Where He Authored This Memoir A Profound Yet Subtle Exercise In Documenting Madness From The Inside.

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    In 1980 the philosopher strangled his wife After a lifetime of mental illness, he was found unfit to plead and sent onceto an asylum This autobiography gives his side of things I am 200 or so pages in, and promise you it s a fascinating read By this stage of his book he is discussing his philosophy Many of the details I have to ignore such as many referenc

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    The class on Althusser was being offered my first semester of graduate school I did not know who he was and I could not parse the course description The course turned out to be quite controversial I guess cause LA was also controversial.So twenty years later, after reading Marx and LA s students Foucault and Ranciere I did not realize was one of LA s studen

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    I would like to think I ve heard of this guy before, but it rings no bells.This is a great memoir Even if you skip around, it is a good read.Althusser is a French philosopher who wrote about Marx yawn, now I know why I never heard of him He was ready to go to college right when the war began, and ended up spending five years as a p.o.w., then starting his ac

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    This book although quite good really lasts forever

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    This volume actually contains two autobiographical writings by Althusser written several years apart, between which the philosopher strangled his wife to death in a bout of madness The two pieces, which predictably recount many of the same events from the author s life, are haunting to read next to each other They seem to confirm Woody Allen s pronouncement th

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    Althusser became one of the most respected and interesting philosophers of Marxism in France during the 1950 s and 60 s, which is no small accomplishment considering the fact that practically every intellectual was writing about Marx at the same time In all honesty, I find his work to be of rather mixed value I have found his structuralist interpretations of Ca

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    I also experienced extreme anguish and repulsion at the idea that someone wanted to get their hands on me What I feared above all was scheming women.As a precaution I even resorted on occasion to insane remarks and ripostes For example, I once replied to a young woman who wrote declaring her love, which I had been aware of for some time I detest being loved whic

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    So, despite its dramas, life can still be beautiful I am sixty seven, and though it will soon all be over, I feel younger now than I have ever done, never having had any youth since no one love me for myself Yes, the future lasts a long time How is it possible to evoke emotions of awe and disgust at the same time Written four years after the murder of his wife, A

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    What makes you a great intellectual is not a dedicated, hard working life It also takes and perhaps should take a lot of personal misery This is the book that is a very honest account of these miseries Miseries and the struggle to make a life from them.

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    One need not be an Althusserian or even a traditional Marxist to appreciate this terrifying, sad, and wonderful book I ve read it several times I cannot turn away from his story It s not pity His memoir is the essence of despair and guilt and simply masterful storytelling.

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