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Johnny Boo: Happy Apples The full color, all ages hit series returns In this adventure, Johnny Boo has been eating a little too much ice cream, and now his muscles have gotten all floppy and droopy Why, they re positively floopy Meanwhile, our friend the Ice Cream Monster has changed his gluttonous ways and now has big strong muscles, thanks to his new favorite food apples Terribly embarrassed by his own puny muscles, Johnny Boo sets out on a quest to find some happy apples that can give him strong happy muscles But it won t be easy especially if the Ice Cream Monster mistakes him for a delicious ice cream cone And is that a television inside the monster s belly

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    The pro take Are ice cream muscles as good as happy apple muscles Although at first this story seems like a thinly veiled lesson on nutrition, Johnny Boo s story quickly turns into an adventure of silliness Johnny Boo attempts to climb a tree, Squiggle bounces on the Ice Cream Monster s muscles, and there is much confusion about the days of the wee

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    Yes Good A thousand times, yes I too have floopy ice cream muscles I too am scared of Wednesdays.

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    This is a fun little slapstick romp into the lives of some strange, ghostly and ice cream drippy critters I enjoyed the silliness and the humor, though it was a little absurdist for my taste I mean, I love some absurdist adventures, but this one was a little off the cuff for me Still, I appreciate his wit and exuberance.

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    This fansty book is part of a series by James Kochalka They are funny, cute and compltley out there This is prefect for catching young readers attention It is formated as a comic book and intended for all aged readers In this book Johnny Boo has been eating too unhealthy and is losing his muscles It bothers him the the Ice cream monster changed his way

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    I love this book I read it to our 4 year old and we both enjoyed it I found it delightfully absurd I m gonna read it a fewtimes to see if it holds up and if I can further define what it is that s so awesome

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    The back of this book contains a blurb from my favorite comics critic, a man whose opinion I trust completely If you have a job where you order books to put on library shelves, I think you should order a copy of this book and the two Johnny Boo books that precede it.

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    Best one yet

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    it s not easy finding books that really capture my 7yo son s interest and make him want to keep reading this was right at his reading level and was silly, funny, and cute will find

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    As with the previous Johhny Boo books, wonderful fun for young children and for parents, and very difficult to describe Essentially books about friendship, foibles, and misunderstandings.

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