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A Riverbank littered with bodies A city under siege by crime solving experts One young detective struggles to discover the truth and preserve her sanitySpokane, Washington a bustling city split by hurtling white water falls During a routine drug bust, Detective Caroline Mabry finds herself on a narrow bridge over the falls, face to face with a brutal murderer named Lenny Ryan Within hours, the body of a young prostitute is found nearby, dumped along the riverbank Then another And another Soon Caroline and her cynical mentor Alan Dupree are thrown headlong into the search for a serial murderer police have nicknamed the Southbank Strangler But while Caroline hunts a killer, he may also be hunting herWhat follows is a novel that turns the usual serial killer story on its head, that confronts America s burgeoning fascination with psychopathology and murder and stares it down Through one long, bloody summer, Caroline and Dupree remain one step behind a madman who seems to be communicating by killing women and growing bolder with each new body And when Spokane is overrun by headline grabbing FBI profilers, statisticians, and TV producers, the detectives are forced to grapple with the ever hungrier serial murder industry Before it s all over, Caroline and Dupree uncover some hard truths about their city, their profession, and each other And Caroline finds herself back at the river, facing an evil far alarming than the one she thought she was chasingRich with the darkly muted colors of the Pacific Northwest skies, peopled with characters of extraordinary depth and dimension, Over Tumbled Graves marks the debut of a novelist with unusual insight into the human psyche Over Tumbled Graves

About the Author: Jess Walter

Jess Walter is the author of five novels and one nonfiction book His work has been translated intothan 20 languages and his essays, short fiction, criticism and journalism have been widely published, in Details, Playboy, Newsweek, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe among many others.Walter also writes screenplays and was the co author of Christopher Darden s 1996 bestseller In Contempt He lives with his wife Anne and children, Brooklyn, Ava and Alec in his childhood home of Spokane, Washington.

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    Another great novel by Jess Walter I think this was his first work of fiction It might be not as polished or perfect as a thriller by an experienced author, but Walter succeeded in writing a crime story that has at the same time a literary depth and an engaging, believable plot Too often you find either one or the

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    I read this book when it was initially published almost ten years ago I remembered it as a police procedural mystery set in Spokane, Washington, with two interesting and flawed law enforcement protagonists tracking a serial killer My memory served me right, but in rereading Over Tumbled Graves I noted a not so subtle

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    A long time ago I spent time in Spokane, Washington, the setting for this marvelously written literary mystery The small city itself was an interesting place of contrasts, surrounded by a beautiful and dramatic landscape This was in the 1970 s, so I imagine it has changed a great deal However, when I was there it was in

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    Serious and yet oddly whimsical serial killer mystery This is Walter s first novel, and you can tell that there were a lot of elements he wanted to get in there the Green River Killer and the double edged sword of profiling and new policing vs old and T.S Eliot s The Waste Land and even a touch of romance I m not sure how w

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    I ve been thru Spokane before It s one of those mid sized smaller cities like Buffalo, NY Dearborn, MI Springville, IL and a city that I spentthan 10 years in, Duluth, MN These cities and a handful of others had big big money when the railroad was big and when inland ports prospered There s a certain poverty that lives in thes

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    After being totally wowed by the short story collection We Live in Water I ve been working my way through Jess Walter s back catalog Over Tumbled Graves is his first and it falls short of the mark set by The Zero and Citizen Vince This is a fairly typical story about a serial killer preying on prostitutes in Spokane Washington an

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    Finding a new author new in the sense of my never having been exposed to him before that I like is one of the great pleasures in life and I definitely will be looking for novels by Jess Walter in the future It turns out that this was Walters first published novel 2001 , and this copy was a 2000 advanced reader s edition Not For Sale

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    After reading two recent impressive novels Citizen Vince and The Zero by Jess Walters I have decided to go back and read his first two novels The first of which is Over Tumbled Graves The title comes from an epigraph from T.S Eliot s seminal poem The Waste Land In the faint moonlight, the grass is singing Over the tumbled graves In fac

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    So, I read Land of the Blind before reading this, which meant I knew how certain things would go Somehow, though, that didn t change how much I enjoyed the book I think that really says something about the power of good writing However, I strongly recommend reading this first This book follows Caroline Mabry and Alan Dupree, two police of

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    I am on a Jess Walter tear Under Tumbled Graves is the 5th book of Walter s that I have read Yikes.I think my addiction stems from his newspaper reporter quality He writes with knowledge of police and crime He s obviously an observant man He knows his characters and he helps us know his characters Also, he writes from Spokane, WA which is a

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