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獨領風騷 2 Gemma ward

10 thoughts on “獨領風騷 2

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    Lele s starting to realize modelling is harder than she thought it would be, and we re starting to see a littleof what s going on with Yin Eros One thing about this manga though is that sometimes, even though it s all about fashion, I look at the stuff they re wearing and think,

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    I m confused right now Why is Eros being an arse Why has his brother decided to give up modelling so suddenly I don t believe he doesn t get paid better for the modelling As for the rest, I m still a bit confused by it all It s just not making much sense to me right now I may cont

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    I don t particularly feel excited reading this as of now but I have a feeling this will be great if I continue reading this.

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    I love Eros too

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    despite the fact it s distracting me from my uni work, I find this a relatively interesting Manhua It s not Japanese, rather it s set in China But it kind of reminds me of Skip Beat At this point in time though, I am still very in love with Skip Beat But I think The One might have man

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    The second volume continues with the silly Lele s career as a model has taken off really fast, if you ask me, and for the life of me I cannot understand how she doesn t connect the beggar and Eros

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    I love fashion manga

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    Ah o Angus un son sahnesi yok muydu G lmekten ld rd beni.

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    see full review Katie s Corner

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