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The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny John Taylor, the PI with a knack for finding things, gets a visit from Walker the powerful, never to be trusted agent who runs the Nightside on behalf of The Authorities He tells John he s dying, and wants to offer him an important job His

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    And so its time to return to finishing off series and todays challenge is Simon R Green s highly entertaining Nightside series.The series comprises of 12 books and a number of short stories too Now there is a loose story arc running through the books well there has

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    Amazing as always I even cried in this one.Just read the series my friends, I can t recommend these books enough.

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    John Taylor is hired to escort an elf with a secret across the Nightside, and then he joins a rival, Larry Oblivion, to find out what really happened to Larry s brother Tommy during the Lilith War.It felt like three separate short stories There s the story of John and the e

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    The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny is the tenth novel by Simon R Green in the Nightsideseries enter at your own peril I would have shortened the title to The Bad as this book is simply, well, bad.This is the part of the review in which I give you the setup of the novel, well c

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    4 StarsWell, now you ve done it John Taylor I could see the set up this is how it all ends I mean, this ending is how it begins I really love this character and hope that when it does end, that he gets redeemed It s not his fault, it s destiny Mmmm

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    Simon is an intelligent, eloquent and well read writer able to casually throw in references to Dante s Inferno, Macbeth and the Bible without sounding pretentious I m almost certain there are other references in there I overlooked Please note I picked this book up without reading any o

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    5 Stars The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny by Simon R Green is book number 10 in the Nightside series I really enjoyed this book and it was one of the darker books of the series The Nightside series is one of my favorite today and a perfect example of how good the Urban Fantasy genre can b

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    It s an entertaining crime noir meets modern fantasy fiction series but after ten other books, some of the descriptions are frustratingly repetitive This far into the series, I think we all know about the dark nature of the Nightside and we don t need to be reminded about all the various forms

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    2.5Definitely not the strongest in the series It actually took about half the book to just get past the set up and exposition which is rare It didn t help that Larry Oblivion isn t really the most interesting of secondary characters we needDead Boy, Razor Eddie, and Susie Shooter.That said, I woul

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    Mini Review In many ways, this also felt like a filler novel in the series but several plot points are wrapped up in a fashion that one would call a very Nightside manner There s a portion where I was a little confused because I was wondering why JT would act like that but it wasn t JT at all That por

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About the Author: Simon R. Green

Simon Richard Green is a British science fiction and fantasy author He holds a degree in Modern English and American Literature from the University of Leicester His first publication was in 1979.His Deathstalker series is partly a parody of the usual space opera of the 1950s, told with sovereign disregard of the rules of probability, while being at the same time extremely bloodthirsty Excerpted from Wikipedia

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