The Cowboy Who Broke The Mold ePUB Î Who Broke

HE WAS ROUGH, UNTAMED An arrogant, blue eyed, half Native American cowboy with an attitude who thought prim on room school teacher Carrie Raben couldn t hack it in the wilds of Wyoming Guess again, cowboyE WAS SOFT, INNOCENT Chaste Carrie was running from heartbreak, and she had something to prove to herselfas well as to Judson Horn And neither the enormity of the open range nor this potent man of the land could intimidate her Instead, she was about to teach him about the explosive power of opposites attracting The Cowboy Who Broke The Mold

About the Author: Cathleen Galitz

aka Cathleen ConnorsCathleen Galitz, a Wyoming native, lives with her husband and two sons in a small Wyoming town The marriage support their boys from the bleachers in a multitude of activities She teaches English to seventh to twelfth graders in a rural school that houses kindergartners and seniors in the same building Cathleen loves to read, play tennis, spend time with her family and enjoy the great outdoors Her two cats, Murphy and Spanky, refuse to catch mice but never miss a meal Seeing her books in print since 1997 is the realization of a lifelong dream.

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