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St. Damien of Molokai: Apostle of the Exiled How Many Times Do We Let The Pressures Of Life And Work Take Over Our Days At The Expense Of Prayer How Many Times Do We Feel Alone And Frightened How Many Times Do We Think Our Problems Are Unique Follow In The Footsteps Of The Apostles When They Asked Jesus To Teach Them To Pray As He Did Learn From St Augustine, St Catherine Of Siena, St Ignatius, St Teresa Of Avila, St Francis De Sales, And St Therese Of Lisieux As They Exemplify Incredible Devotions To Prayer Each In Their Own Way Discover God S Prayer Book Connect Understanding And Belief Balance Contemplation And Action Initiate Practical, Spiritual Exercises Whether Used As A Springboard For Personal Spiritual Growth, Or As A Small Group Study Resource, This Book Will Enlighten And Motivate Your Spirit With Father McBride S Brilliant, Yet Simple Story Telling Skills Sidebars, Thematic Art, Discussion Questions, And Passages For Contemplation Add Depth To Each Of Its Chapters

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    My latest read for The Catholic Company proved to be both challenging and rewarding The book was challenging only because of this reader s own personal distractions, which made it very difficult to focus on the historical details that prevailed throughout the first quarter of the book There is so much that I did not know about the Hawaiian Islands and their history An

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    Father Damien, or Saint Damien of Molokai, was born Jozef De Veuster on January 3rd 1840 He died April 15th 1889 a long way from home on Molokai in Hawaii He served as a priest in the leper colony for 16 years before he succumbed to the disease Damien has been canonized in both the Eastern and Latin rites His feast day is celebrated May 10th The process of his canonization

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This is a book that will hit you in your very soul, at least it hit mine I picked up this book after seeing The Lord of the Rings David Wenham in the 1999 movie Molokai The Story of Father Damien and I have to admit that I had to take a few weeks just to think about what I had just read before I cou

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    I became interested in St Damien from a discussion at church I knew I wanted to learnThis book readslike a novel, great read Father Damien had constant challenges with the Kings of Hawaii and the Catholic Church his entire time at Molokai Basically he was left to fend for himself for the community that he was serving and ends of contracting the disease of leposy.An amazing man who g

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    This book about the unselfish life of Fr Damien Joseph de Veuster is a modern day inspiration paralleling the life of Jesus so completely it beckons us to dofor the very weakest and poor among us The self reflection I placed upon myself after reading this book was profound No matter your belief or affliliation this book will humble the soul and challenge us to be better human beings.

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    The book is a well written biography of a fairly contemporary saint at least, about as contemporary as you can be and still be a saint It is inspiring without being too preachy I would definitely recommend.

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