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Bandbox Cuddles Houlihan got clipped by the vodka bottle as it exited the pneumatic tube With that bottle we enter Bandbox, a hugely successful magazine of the s, run by bombastic Jehoshaphat Joe Harris Harris s most ambitious prot g the bastard son he never had has just defected to run the competition, plunging Bandbox into a newsstand death struggle The magazine s fight for survival will soon involve a sabotaged fiction contest, the vice squad, a subscriber s kidnapping, and a film actress cover subject who makes the heroines of Chicago look like the girls next door While Harris and his magazine careen from comic crisis to make or break calamity, the reader races from skyscraper to speakeasyThomas Mallon has given us a madcap romp of a book that brilliantly portrays Manhattan in the gaudiest American decade of them all

About the Author: Thomas Mallon

Thomas Mallon is a novelist, critic and director of the creative writing program at The George Washington University.He attended Brown University as an undergraduate and earned a Master of Arts and a Ph.D from Harvard He received the Ingram Merrill Foundation Award in 1994 and won a Rockefeller Fellowship in 1987 Mallon taught English at Vassar College from 1979 1991.Mallon is the author of the novels Henry and Clara,Two Moons, Dewey Defeats Truman, Aurora 7, Bandbox, and most recently Fellow Travelers as well as writing four works of nonfiction He is a former literary editor of GQ, where he wrote the Doubting Thomas column for ten years, and has contributed frequently toThe New Yorker,The New York Times Magazine,The Atlantic Monthly, The American Scholar, and Harper s He was appointed a member of the National Council on the Humanities in 2002 and became Director of Preservation and Access of the National Endowment for the Humanities in 2004 He then served as Deputy Chairman of the NEH.He lives in Foggy Bottom, a neighborhood in Washington, DC.

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    At the beginning of the novel, Mallon defines bandbox as a light, cylindrical box for holding small articles of attire Rather than a serious piece of furniture, it s quite flimsy Most reviewers report that the novel of the same name is a light work of

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    What a wonderful romp I had picked this book up at least twice before and something always got in the way, but I m glad I stuck with it this time The Bandbox of the title is a men s magazine in roaring 20 s New York that has been resurrected and given chest h

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    This is the first book I have finished read from a larger set of purchases at Powell s on a recent trip to Portland, Or Powell s is a reader s delight I highly recommend it.This novel, however, was a bit of a let down I read Thomas Mallon s Fellow Travelers earlier t

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    Musical comedy in novel form But Kitty Sark remains one of the hall of fame fictional cat names.

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    Lots of characters to keep track of in this one Have a hard time really caring about any of them The writing is well done, but the story is barely engaging best think about this book is the photo on the cover

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    It was hard to relate to or empathize with any of the characters in this book there really was no depth or realism in any of the story.

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    I don t know if it was intended to be historical fiction, but outside of erroneously placing San Rafael outside of Los Angeles circa an hour rather than outside of San Francisco, Bandbox provides interesting grist for the mill Having served as freelancer for, as well as editor and publisher of seve

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    When I first started reading this, I was somewhat perplexed and was patiently waiting for something to happen The novel takes place in 1928 at the height of prohibition and not long before the stock market fall and the beginning of the depression The story revolves around the day to day operations of a pop

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    I was surprised by this one I also finished it a while ago and haven t updated in a while, so I m not sure how much I remember.This started out slowly, and is in dire need of a Cast of Characters So many people are introduced at the beginning that it s kind of hard to keep everyone straight Partly because of this,

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    Two magazines Bandbox and Cutaway are in competition with each other Cutaway seems to be the up and coming while Bandbox is just barely making it and needs to find something BIG that will get them back to where they once were.When a young man from Indiana shows up as one of Bandbox s biggest fans, John Shepard is invited

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