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Cristallisation Secrète L le o se d roule cette histoire est depuis toujours soumise un trange ph nom ne les choses et les tres semblent promis une sorte d effacement diaboliquement orchestr Quand un matin les oiseaux disparaissent jamais, la jeune narratrice de ce livre ne s panche pas sur cet v nement dramatique, le souvenir du chant d un oiseau s est vanoui tout comme celui de l motion que provoquaient en elle la beaut d une fleur, la d licatesse d un parfum, la mort d un tre cher Apr s les animaux, les roses, les photographies, les calendriers et les livres, les humains semblent touch s une partie de leur corps va les abandonnerEn ces lieux demeurent pourtant de singuliers personnages Habit s de souvenirs, en proie la nostalgie, ces tres sont en danger Traqu s par les chasseurs de m moires, ils font l objet de rafles terrifiantes Un magnifique roman, angoissant, kafka en Une subtile m taphore des r gimes totalitaires, travers laquelle Yoko Ogawa explore les ravages de la peur et ceux de l insidieux ph nom ne d effacement des images, des souvenirs, qui peut conduire accepter le pire

About the Author: Yōko Ogawa

Y ko Ogawa was born in Okayama, Okayama Prefecture, graduated from Waseda University, and lives in Ashiya Since 1988, she has publishedthan twenty works of fiction and nonfiction Her novel The Professor and his Beloved Equation has been made into a movie In 2006 she co authored An Introduction to the World s Most Elegant Mathematics with Masahiko Fujiwara, a mathematician, as a dialogue on the extraordinary beauty of numbers.A film in French, L Annulaire The Ringfinger , directed by Diane Bertrand, starring Olga Kurylenko and Marc Barb , was released in France in June 2005 and subsequently made the rounds of the international film festivals the film, some of which is filmed in the Hamburg docks, is based in part on Ogawa s Kusuriyubi no hy hon , translated into French as L Annulaire by Rose Marie Makino Fayolle who has translated numerous works by Ogawa, as well as works by Akira Yoshimura and by Ranpo Edogawa, into French.Kenzabur e has said, Y ko Ogawa is able to give expression to the most subtle workings of human psychology in prose that is gentle yet penetrating The subtlety in part lies in the fact that Ogawa s characters often seem not to know why they are doing what they are doing She works by accumulation of detail, a technique that is perhapssuccessful in her shorter works the slow pace of development in the longer works requires something of a deus ex machina to end them The reader is presented with an acute description of what the protagonists, mostly but not always female, observe and feel and their somewhat alienated self observations, some of which is a reflection of Japanese society and especially women s roles within in it The tone of her works varies, across the works and sometimes within the longer works, from the surreal, through the grotesque and the sometimes grotesquely humorous, to the psychologically ambiguous and even disturbing.

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    The Memory Policeis a hypnotic, gentle novel, that begins as a surveillance state dystopia and ends as somethingexistential a surreal and haunting meditation on our sense of self First published in Japan 25 years ago, and newly available in English translation, this novel has a timeless feel The inhabitants of an unnamed island, li

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    The horrors of forgetting At first glance, The Memory Police, originally published in Japan in 1994 and now available in an excellent English translation, looks like a descendant of George Orwell s Set on an unnamed island, objects are routinely disappeared , both physically and also in the minds of the people One day birds disappear The ne

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    We re in a small town on a Japanese island It s dominated by the brutal memory police who make things disappear Well, they make people make them disappear by declaring that ribbon or emeralds or stamps have to disappear and the citizens reluctantly but dutifully gather and hold bonfires to burn the now forbidden item of the month Some people keep fo

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    I still think that the premise of this book is really thought provoking as an extension and perhaps even conclusion to Orwell s 1984 but the plot didn t pull it together for me I left with a lot of questions and frustrations continually asking why or how We had a great discussion about it on the podcast though I still think that the premise of this book is r

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    Long ago, before you were born, there were manythings here my mother used to tell me when I was still a child Transparent things, fragrant thingsfluttery ones, bright oneswonderful things you can t possibly imagine It s a shame that the people who live here haven t been able to hold such marvelous things in their hearts and minds, but that s just the way it is one th

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    The Memory Police is one of my top ten books for 2019.Originally published in 1994, and released in translation only this year, and with a decent marketing budget as evidenced by the stunning cover and many interviews and reviews, it is compelling Like all of Ogawa s works, it is also timeless It may strike us as a novel of the moment because state surveillance is its backdro

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    Quiet and understated, The Memory Police reflects on what it means to remember the past in the face of state repression The allegorical novel follows an unnamed writer living on a remote island locked in perpetual winter, ruled by an authoritarian gang of police who slowly banish residents memories of all they ve ever known, from rose gardens to novels Not all the residents forget, th

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    I just realized I never reviewed this I don t have much to say, honestly, so let s jump in.The premise for this book was so fascinating to me, and page by page I came up with new questions about the world and how things worked, eagerly flipping the pages to get some answers But nada This book forces you to turn your brain off a bit and just accept what is happening, and the lack of explanation

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    This book cannot be rated because it surpasses that structure of confinement that a star rating can give I picked this book up from my library after seeing it in B N and reading the blurb, a haunting, Orwellian novel about the terrors of state surveillance I was hooked from the beginning It takes a lot for me to almost finish a book in one sitting, but this story was so haunting and compelling, like a

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    It is ages since I read 1984 , but all my memoeries of reading this novel returned to me while I became engrossed in The Memory Police.An island where everything gradually disappears and where everybody is under surveillance of the Memory Police Not everybody, however, notices that the world around them is changing, and those who do, seek to preserve what they can, and in this way become the enemy.Even in the t

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