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Letting Go: Reflections on Living While Dying Preceding The Phenomenal Success Of Mitch Albom S Tuesdays With Morrie, In Which Albom Discusses His Weekly Visits With His Mentor, Morrie, As Morrie Faces Death From Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ALS , Morrie Schwartz Published His Own Book, Morrie In His Own WordsSchwartz Intended His Words To Be Read By People Dying Of Terminal Illnesses With Passages Titled , Living With Physical Limitations, Grieving For Your Losses, And Reviewing The Past Yet, Just As In The Case In Tuesdays With Morrie, This Collection Of Plainspoken Reflections Transcends The Death And Dying Category And Is Aptly Shelved In One S Inspiration And Spirituality CollectionFor Example, Schwartz S Simple Thoughts On Courage Could Speak To Any Seeker Of EnlightenmentDealing Bravely With Physical Pain Or Accidents Takes One Kind Of Courage, He Writes Facing Life As It Is And Accepting It Requires AnotherI Have Found Courage Through Seeking Thoughtfulness, Openheartedness, Detachment, And Other Responses That Make Up A Composed Life And A Calm Response To IllnessI Hope That I Can Continue In This Way To The End So That I Die With Inner Peace As It Was, On November Morrie Schwartz Died Just As He Hoped He WouldGail Hudson

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    I think Morrie would be an excellent book for those that know they are at death s door and or for people with loved ones approaching death I do not find myself in either of those situations, so the book wasn t as relevant to me at this stage of my life The author stated, Learn how to live, and you ll know how to die learn how to die, and you ll know how to live T

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    I first met Morrie Schwartz via Mitch Albom s book, Tuesdays With Morrie Instantly, I felt the draw to this guy I finally took the time to read Morrie s book Man, am I glad I did This book is full of practical advice Morrie s aphorisms are straightforward and simple As I neared the completion of this book, it became so clear to me just how beautiful a gift Morrie gave

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    Morrie s story really gained momentum after Mitch Albom s Tuesdays with Morrie became a bestseller, but while Morrie himself was still alive and battling Lou Gehrig s Disease, he wrote out his life s meaning and purpose This book is incredible and really worth reading Morrie s story really gained momentum after Mitch Albom s Tuesdays with Morrie became a bestseller, but whil

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    I love Tuesdays with Morrie, so I had to read Morrie s own book full of his wisdom This book is very simple and easy to read It s short life lessons to consider with personal examples from Morrie s own experience as he battles ALS Those who knew Morrie in real life were blessed.

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    Morrie Schwartz is the man from the Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom, and he suffers a neurodegenerative disease called ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis He is well known for words of wisdom, touching many people s lives all over the world He is truly an admirable man because he didn t let himself down despite experiencing of a slow death I really find this book comforting and ins

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    This was only 1.99 on a Kindle Daily Deal today and since I really liked Tuesdays with Morrie I had been meaning to read this anyway so I grabbed it I am actually glad it was only a couple bucks because it is too short to spend 10 on but I liked it I took a walk this afternoon and read as I walked It only took about an hour and it made meaware of the sunshine maybe partly because this is only

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    A,few years ago, I watched the TV movie Tuesday s With Morrie , starring Jack Lemmon, who played Morrie in his last screen appearance and Hank Azaria, who was the dog walker on the sitcom Mad About You , he played Mitch Ablom, who was one of Morrie s students at Brandeis University He ended up caring full time for Morrie in his last days In this book,which is the thoughts and philosophies of Morrie

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    I enjoyed hearing from Morrie Schwartz, in his own words I love Mitch Albom s Tuesdays with Morrie and nothing will touch me like that book did But getting to hear Morrie tell his aphorisms and the related stories is a joy I wish I could have known this man at any time in his teaching career or beyond He was one of a kind He sounds a bitprofessorial in this work and that is all to the good There is a lot

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    This book will always and forever stay close to my heart Morrie is definitely one of my greatest inspirations ever Thinking about the lessons that I ve learned from this book , it was one of the sole reasons that helped me grow as a person , and appreciate my life When gifted with all the things that we exactly need to live a happy life , we humans still complain and worry about what we don t have This book de

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    This is a story into a man who is struck out of the blue with Lou Gehrig s disease For me it hits close to home having my wife Gloria deal with this devastating disease It help me deal with what I was going through But I did not read the book until Gloria had been called by God I still miss it but by reading Morrie In His Own Words I was able to get another perspective on this terrible illness.

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