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La Ville Vampire Some Tell Of A Great City Of Black Jasper Which Has Streets And Buildings Like Any Other City But Is Eternally In Mourning, Enveloped By Perpetual Gloom Some Call It Selene, Some Vampire City, But The Vampires Refer To It Among Themselves By The Name Of The Sepulchre To Destroy The Dreaded Vampire Lord Otto Goetzi, Writer Ann Radcliffe, Merry Bones The Irishman, And Grey Jack Her Faithful Servant, Launch An All Out Attack On Selene We Can Easily See In Vampire City The Ultimate Literary Ancestor Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Brian Stableford Paul F Val 1816 1887 Was The Author Of Numerous Popular Swashbuckling Novels And One Of The Fathers Of The Modern Crime Thriller Brian Stableford Has Published Than Fifty Novels And Two Hundred Short Stories Vampire City Was Written In 1867 Thirty Years Before Bram Stoker S Dracula And Is One Of Three Classic Vampire Stories Also Available From Black Coat Press.

About the Author: Paul Féval père

Paul F val fils.Paul Henri Corentin F val, p re, 1816 1887 was the author of popular swashbucklers, such as Le Loup Blanc 1843 and the perennial best seller Le Bossu 1857 He also penned the seminal Knightshade, The Vampire Countess and Vampire City His greatest claim to fame was as one of the fathers of the modern crime thriller Because of its themes and characters, his novel Jean Diable 1862 can claim to be the world s first modern detective novel His masterpiece was Les Habits Noirs 1863 75 , a criminal saga written over a twelve year period comprised of seven novels After losing his fortune in a financial scandal, F val became a born again Christian, stopped writing crime thrillers, and began to write religious novels, sadly leaving the tale of the Black Coats uncompleted.

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    Paul Feval s almost entirely unknown book which I only found after researching a random reference in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a post modern masterpiece before there was post modernism It s like a ridiculous episode of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE

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    A horror comedy, supposedly showing events which led Ann Radcliffe to write Mysteries of Udolpho This is a pre D racula vampire story and as such none of the usual vampire rules apply The story is told to the author by a servant, who heard it from Miss Radcliff

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    DNF 43% Almost comically uninteresting and impossible to get into PaRoDiEs don t work for me, at all.

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    Vampire City is an obscure work of horror comedy metafiction written in France circa 1870, and if that description doesn t pique your interest, what are you doing on Goodreads Paul F val imagines Ann Radcliffe, the English Gothic novelist, running away from home on the m

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    When I read Blackcoat Press s edition of Feval s Knightshade, I was severely disappointed that the contents of the story couldn t match the surreal creepiness of the cover, but part of me doubted that any 19th Century author could come up with something that weird Even Maupassant at his

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    I really need to read some of the works by Ann Radcliffe, because jumping into Vampire City without any background into her work was like trying mend a broken bone without any background in first aid The narration of 97 drove me freaking insane, were it not for Merry Bones and my curiosity of Sel

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    Odd mish mash of vampire story, gothic melodrama and fantasy.Very meta, as the gothic writer, Ann Radcliffe is one of the characters in the book Yet, despite being talked about like she s the hero, she spends the whole book acting like a damsel.Most of the work, and hero ing is done by the stereotypical I

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    Another 19th century vampire novel down Vampire City contains some comical elements that were refreshing amongst the darker vampire texts I ve been studying It s not a difficult read, and I enjoyed the overly bizarre and coincidental events and characters This text pre dates Dracula therefore, the normal vampire c

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    For a book written during the 1850s, this is a surprisingly modern absurdest parody of vampire and gothic fiction Given the time period, it s a little offensive the Irish stereotypes were a little off putting but saying that, it s still amazing relevant to the gothic vampire genre It s a pity then that I don t like such pa

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    A terrible book, but a very enjoyable one Nothing beats 19th century French pulp horror fiction when it comes to crazy Also interesting as a vampire novel written before Dracula and therefore free to make up much of its mythology.

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