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Murder on the Thirty-first Floor Murder On The Thirty First Floor Kindle Epub Author Per Wahl Buyantivirus.us When The Nation S Sole Publishing Conglomerate Receives A Mysterious Bomb Threat, Chief Inspector Jensen Is Ordered To Find A Culprit Within A Week Or Else As His Investigation Begins To Reveal The Unsavory Secrets Of A Growing List Of Suspects, Jensen Realizes That He Has Uncovered A Tragic Story Of Betrayal And Death In Which He Will Play The Central Role.

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    Book ReviewIn the social production of their existence, men inevitably enter into definite relations, which are independent of their will, namely relations of production appropriate to a given stage in the development of their material forces of production The totality of these relations of production constitutes the economic structure of society, the real foundation, on which arises a legal an.

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    Jensen is a police Inspector in the capital city of plutocratic corporatist state somewhere in the near future investigating a bomb threat against a major magazine and newspaper publisher As his investigation develops it seems to becomeperfunctory, slightlyabsurd and all the whiledisturbing In part this is a result of Wahl s fastidious writing the book is peppered with detailed lists of what Jensen e

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    Mit Genuss habe ich viele der Krimis , die er zusammen mit seiner Frau geschrieben hat, gelesen Dieses war wohl sein Erstling Der Klappentext verspricht vielleicht sein wichtigstes Buch Vielleicht die Begr ndung f r diese Vermutung bleibt offen Die Sprache wirkt h zern, die Charaktere sind seltsam Eventuell h ngt das damit zusammen, dass die deutsche bersetzung auf ...

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    A phlegmatic, digestively impaired detective in an anti intellectual socialist dystopia has seven days to figure out who sent a bomb threat to a large magazine publishing company with lots of chromium furniture Society has been so dumbed down that although magazines only dealt with princesses and how to make gingersnaps, they are above the readers heads I think the author is in favor of women...

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    Llegu a este libro por la rese a de Juli n D ez en C que Juli n se centra en la componente dist pica uy, perd n, prospectiva , yo voy a intentar analizar m s niveles de la obra para que se entienda mejor la diferencia entre su valoraci n y la m a Asesinato en la planta 31 es un crossover entre novela negra y un subg nero de la literatura fant stica, la distop a, por lo que ofrece muchas l neas de an lisis Es muy si

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    Here is a police novel set in a near future world where the police welfare state is fully established.A powerful combine, called The Concern, has bought up all the magazines and newspapers in this unnamed northern country The people are fed a constant diet of bland, meaningless nonsense Anything that could cause people to be concerned or upset is removed Whether it is a children s comic book or a women s magazine, there

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    This novel comes before THE STEEL SPRING which I reviewed recently Again it is a dystopian novel In the unnamed country crime rates are falling and so are birth rates, but the government has recently made it illegal to become inebriated not only in public but also at home Every night the jails are filled with drunks, and the government makes a small fortune by fining the inebriates.Publishing of all sorts has become a monopo

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    I thought that this book was relevant to today with a few exceptions There would be no typewriters and there would be i phones everywhere today Inspector Jensen was aware that things were not normal at the building and wasn t fooled by the publishers finding a...

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    Un atmosfera che sembra presa di peso da 1984 permea questo romanzo ambientato in una non meglio identificata e assolutamente distopica nazione nordica, dove, con metodi degni di Huxley, la popolazione stata ridotta a uno stato di bovina acquiescenza, in nome di una non meglio identificata concordia sociale.Una lettera anonima mette in moto delle indagini, il cui esito non riuscir a scuotere il commissario che le porta avanti, vera ro

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    Incredible to think how short time span the whole book is happening One week Well, it is so engaging it took me only a couple of days to read The dry humour and ridiculous characters one might meet during an ongoing investigation is incredibly entertaining The book sucks you into it and when you get to the last two pages you are so lost as to what the hell just happened, you have to read it all over again And then the after an incredible b

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