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Deep in the Heart (Lone Star Legacy, #1) WonderfulAs always, Mr Morris has done an outstanding job As I read this story of how Texas s was formed, it amazes me that this land was taken like the other parts of this country However, I know the God of this universe is still in control But God They came to Texas to make their family whole They fought for the land they d come to love An unforgettable saga of faith, love and loyalty that will find its place deep in your heart In the days when Texas was the northern edge of Mexico, when Bowie and Houston and Crockett were men and not yet legends, when the Alamo was still a scruffy mission on the banks of the San Antonio River, this unorthodox family struggled to make a wild but beautiful land their own This is the tale of Jerusalem Ann, who is willing to take whatever life dishes out in order to make a life for her family It s the story of Clay, who finds himself protecting another man s family and in love with another man s wife It s about Jake, who loves two women and can t do right by either and Julie, who d rather be free than respectable and Bowie, who can handle war but might not survive his first love It s the story of Comanches and fiestas, hunting parties and courting parties, of battles and massacres and beautiful calm nights under a canopy of stars Wide as the prairies, warm as a San Antonia breeze, spiced with adventure and romance, this Texas sized saga of faith from a beloved storyteller will quickly find its place deep in your heart and never let you go I didn t expect to love this novel It originally stole my heart because it features strong women, Jerusalem reminding me of my own mother I m excited to read book 2 and I must thank my grandma again for giving me this series Great story and history lesson all rolled into one Look forward to reading the rest of the Lone Star Legacy series. This is my second time reading this book I enjoyed it just as much the second time around The story starts out about a woman named Jerusalem and her kids living in Arkansas during the 1830 s It is about the struggles of the family with a husband who has run off With the help of a stranger Clay, the family moves out to Texas which is fighting for independence.I really enjoyed the balance of the fiction with the historical events of the time The chapters are short and move quickly with not too much time spent on anyone character or event At the same time, you get to know the characters from their heart and emotions I admired Jerusalem for her independence and strong character I began to wonder what secrets Clay was hiding.The only disappointing aspect of this book is that is the first in a trilogy It leaves you wanting The next book The Yellow Rose is next on my list. This book details the story of one family s experience of travelling to Texas during the Texas Revolution It was well written, with a great plot with many different smaller plots extending off of the main plot moving to Texas.Romantic, charming, and witty, the main character s soon to be husband I hope, in the second book , Clay takes a good leadership role for Jerusalem Ann s struggling family They encounter many problems on their trip to Texas, including a Comanche raid, death of a loved one, and the usual trials of figuring out how to settle in Texas with Santa Anna, and thus the Alamo battle, approaching.I would recommend this book to young adults teens who enjoy reading historical fiction A bit slow moving, but filled with good enough cliff hangers to encourage even the impatient such as myself readers. Gilbert Morris is not a typical writer like the female writers that I love He brings out of the wounds in fights, hardships etc that a man will do in his stories that is Gilbert Morris as I have just begun to read his work in this series His stories are not all sweet and every one lives happily forever after But I like his stories and plots and all the in between I am just starting book 3 of this series and am anxious to see how all the relationships are resolved and how TX is settled and civilized Good job Gilbert Morris Thanks for your contribution to Christian books to read and enjoy. I love this series They were absolutely fascinating and the witty diaologue was incredible I had thought I didn t like Gilbert Morris writing, but after finding these at the library seeing they were about Texas and delving in I has to admit, that Gilbert Morris certainly has a gift for words and storytelling It s basically the story of a family and extended ish family struggling to survive, first in Arkansas and then to the fresh and wild land of Texas It s a striking book And as I said before, fascinating Makes me want to move back to Texas wistful smile I have read quite a few books about the settling of Texas and the battle at the Alamo This book provides a personalized background of the type of people involved and how they came to be involved It is the first of a series of three I can t wait to read the others One thing I would like to comment on is that while it becomes obvious the author writes from a Christian viewpoint, he is not pushy or manipulative about it It is a natural and realistic part of the story That is important to me. What I like about this novel is that it is Christian without being overly Christian or preachy I also like the fact that Jerusalem and Clay know each other before they start to fall for one another The Eye of Texas is a story of a family s struggle to survive a move from Arkansas Territory to Texas, a war between the Texans and the Mexicans, and being captured by Comanche Indians The Eye of Texas is also a story about love, faith, and the value of family and friends.

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Gilbert L MorrisGilbert Morris was one of today s best known Christian novelists He lived in Gulf Shores, Alabama, with his wife, Johnnie He is the father to

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