Banish Clutter Forever: How the Toothbrush Principle Will

Banish Clutter Forever: How the Toothbrush Principle Will Change Your Life Why is it that even the most disorganised person never seems to lose their toothbrush How can this simple fact solve all our clutter problems The Toothbrush Principle is a simple yet inspired approach to de cluttering your home Whether you live in a mansion or a bedsit, this book will show you how to organise according to the unconscious blueprint that naturally tidy people have, so that getting and staying organised is easy know what to throw away with confidence set up your wardrobe so you get much use out of the clothes you have work from home productively in a clear, designated space tame your inbox Step by step, room by room, you ll soon find that you hardly ever lose things, massive clear outs become a thing of the past and you never spend thanminutes a day tidying upSo stop drowning in piles of clutter, learn how to be organised and start creating space to live out the life of your dreams

About the Author: Sheila Chandra

Renowned World Music singer Sheila Chandra turned non fiction author in 2010, following voice problems which forced her to retire from her international music career She says writing has become her second voice.After being urged by friends to share her secret to living clutter free despite having a demanding career, she wrote Banish Clutter Forever outlining her own system for home organizing which she says makes daily tidy ups redundant pretty much forever In 2008 she met then homeless street artist Stik and began to mentor him Stik has gone on to become one of the most famous and collectable street artists in the world Early on, she wrote a guide to organizing his artist career just for him and following his success he encouraged her to expand it and get it published as Organzing Your Creative Career A new print edition of the book including a new chapter on pricing and funding is out on 14th January 2020.Sheila says Most thriving professional artists don t have time to coach and encourage other artists But now I have the time to, and my loss can be their gain I wanted to write Organizing Your Creative Career particularly for emerging artists who don t come from an artistic background and who maybe lack contacts, peers and the information on work culture that s so crucial to being a success She now coaches creative people all over the world via

10 thoughts on “Banish Clutter Forever: How the Toothbrush Principle Will Change Your Life

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    Embracing the simple yet fundamental truth, that organized people who live in clean spaces are actually just as lazy as the rest of us, Sheila Chandra s method to get your house to work for you involves work, but once you apply it, once you practice it, is actually something a person can maintain Although I don t love the way Chandra writes and her analogies ref

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    One size fits some advice not very Millennial friendlyIt s alright But like other books of this nature it assumes a certain normative lifestyle It doesn t take into account actual physical or mental health issues that need addressed or help even though the author grew up in a household of hoarders she doesn t actually appear to understand the psychology or mental

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    I found the first half really useful then the second half reinforced an area I am already really good at, so I guess even though I didn t learn anything new from that section, it gave me a boost to keep going

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    This is certainly the best de cluttering book that I ve read so far The toothbrush principle certainly helped me get rid of old makeup in the bathroom Most of the tips and suggestions here are very useful However, I am still having trouble getting rid of books and magazines A shredder is also necessary.Chandra writes well and she even manages to make this book interes

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    A reasonably good decluttering book Clear principles, good reminders that you must get things out of the house before your job is done, helpful thoughts about how clutter is often a result of deferred decisions But the book has some definite slants that may or may not work from you the work from home office, the child free lifestyle, the British English some favorite te

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    I believe it is a great beginners book If you have not read another organizing or decluttering book this is a good bood to start with I ve personally read many of these types of books and at some point in time implemented something from each book so starting new and creating a journal to make note of where you want to put everything or what you need to buy after cleaning

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    I can see where this is coming from, but it presumes that you can leave things somewhere and they will still be there when you need them Which is great if you don t share your house with three small kleptomaniacs More than half my possessions need to be put where my kids can t find them, so leaving them where they are used isn t an option for me But if you have a different

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    Painfully repetitive Once you ve read the first couple of chapters, the rest is pretty much obsolete Sheila states that other decluttering guides don t take their readers by the hand and walk them through every step, and there s a reason for that it makes the writing cluttered, and meant I was falling asleep while I was reading this.

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    Short, easy, repetitive, but that s okay A good walkthrough for getting organized.

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    It was a really interesting read and I liked the principle It got a little bit heavy towards the end I have, however, adopted the Toothbrush Principle for items and objects in our house.

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