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Silk They Are The Young Misfitssociety S Castoffsurban Strays Looking For A Thrill Something Cheap, Anything To Get Them Through The Night Sleepwalking On Caffeine, Nicotine, And Drugs, They Wait Out The Dawn In Death Rock Clubs And Shadowy Back Alleys Then Into Their Midst Comes The Enigmatic Spyder A Patron Saint Of The Alienated And Lost, She Invites Them Into Her Mesmerizing World But Has She Been Sent To Redeem Them Or Destroy Them

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    Silk is a strong, beautifully written effort, featuring one of the most realistic portrayals of the gothic subculture and the surrounding punk metal industrial etc subcultures there are many overlaps, and the book understands this that I ve read in a novel The characters are interesting and likable, and the book takes its time, letting you get to know them before anything supernatu

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    Disclaimer GIF use D And bad language I curse like a sailor most of the time in real life lolI loved this book so fucking much I want to own this, but luckily my friend is only getting it back next time she comes over, so I might get to read it again This book was very much poppy z brite esque which I adored, so if you liked poppy s writing, than I think you d like this one too.This is

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    I m reviewing this book late, about a decade after I first read it, but I recall my distaste for this book enough that, in comparison to my love for some of Kiernan s later books, demands some sort of review for some of those who have read Silk and, because of this experience, are not interested in reading anything else.This book reads like the fictional equivalent of white goth punk kids

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    This is copy 113 of 450 signed numbered copies.

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    Poorly written, with a barely coherent and hardly discernible plot Caitlin Kiernan throws together a group of misfit outsider characters who do nothing but drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, and toss off the names of the cool bands to whom they listen Incapable hands, I d probably like it In her hands, ugh.

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    If you are a writer and you want to become a better writer, I recommend you read silk Caitl n R Kiernan s style of writing is amazing Her descriptions are rich and her metaphors and similes are like none you ve ever read before.Here is what the book is about written by Publisher s Weekly there s nothing smooth or sexy about this skin crawling debut from Kiernan, an author with one helluvan imagination

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    This was actually a reread, though I can t remember when I first read it before I started cataloguing properly on Goodreads.Kiernan s work has gotten stronger with every book, and there s a scatteredness, as well as a kind of emotional distance, in this novel that isn t there in her later works The Red Tree and The Drowning Girl in particular, which are both masterpieces.But don t let that make you think

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    well written, but after a while I lost interest in the tangledness of gothic girrrrrrls with prrrrroblems and darrrrrk histories.

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    Goth girl s traumatic childhood of abuse may or may not be manifesting itself in menacing supernatural form to both herself and her circle of followers hangers on in this intense, arty, way goth 1997 novel Kiernan is very talented and her imagery burns with a unique energy, often grotesquely beautiful The supernatural aspects are handled through psychological means, flowing from character, avoiding the obvious te

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    I loved down spiraling into this storyline There was never a dull moment, and it was packed to the brim with awesome music references that I insisted upon playing in the background as a soundtrack.I was immediately thrown headfirst into 90 s, when I was a mere juvenile delinquent a Guinea pig of antidepressants and adhd meds, surrounded by misfits The scent of body odor and stale smoke and dirt surrounded me as I con

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Caitl n Rebekah Kiernan born 26 May 1964 is the author of science fiction and dark fantasy works, including ten novels many comic books andthan two hundred published short stories, novellas, and vignettes She is also the author of scientific papers in the field of paleontology from Wikipedia

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