One Vast Winter Count: The Native American West before

One Vast Winter Count: The Native American West before Lewis and Clark This magnificent, sweeping work traces the histories of the Native peoples of the American West from their arrival thousands of years ago to the early years of the nineteenth century Emphasizing conflict and change, One Vast Winter Count offers a new look at the early history of the region by blending ethnohistory, colonial history, and frontier history Drawing on a wide range of oral and archival sources from across the West, Colin G Calloway offers an unparalleled glimpse at the lives of generations of Native peoples in a western land soon to be overrun

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    A recognized classic, a landmark work not much comment needed from me 132 pages of endnotes in small print Some of the interior is hard yards All the effort is rewarded, however, in the sweeping and masterly conclusion I feel as though if one

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    This is critical book It fits right in between Charles Mann s 1491 and 1493 It is a amazing portrait of the vast and highly changing world of the Western United States after the arrival of the Europeans Calloway covers in detail much of what ha

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    Having read dozens of books on similar topics, I ve always felt I had a pretty good handle on the narratives that are pre Columbian and colonial in regards to North America Plot twist Colloway shows me that I didn t Colin Colloway does a massive

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    Magisterial The breadth and depth is best explained by the author To judge by most history books, public television documentaries, and popular culture, the winning of the West is the real history of the West what went before is just prelude But A

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    I started this book back in New York City after spending 6 months in Southern California Los Angeles and visiting various parts of the American West for the first time I finished it in Leeds, England, where I moved in the fall for a Full Professor

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    Imagine, if you can, your world without borders Unless you ve seen the Atlantic or Pacific oceans, your world has no limits The only governing factor is survivability If you can live there, you can stay there This is the beginning of the Native Ame

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    One vast epic work An amazing synthesis of Native American and Euro American activity in North America from prehistory to 1800, this work has a global approach, connecting up the pieces we usually get in less ambitious histories While I have read ma

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    A fantastic book, so much information

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    In the minds of many American history begins in either 1492 or 1776 Even today, the history of the western United States is seen almost entirely through the narrative of manifest destiny Calloway s book challenges this mindset by presenting a comprehe

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    Actual American history for those interested in un brainwashing themselves.

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