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Taking The Bait What do you do when you hold the economic future of your old hometown in the palm of your hand, especially when you still carry physical and emotional scars from the way the town treated you And what if the son of your worst enemy is dangled as bait Greg returns to the coastal town where he lived until the night he was brutally raped by his best friends and carved open with a broken bottle He is there to decide whether the town will be left the quiet backwater it has always been or whether developers will be allowed in to bring a new economic prosperity His nemesis s future is riding on the outcome, and to get the decision he wants, he s willing to sacrifice his own son, ToddBut Todd has his own agenda This is probably my favorite of all Barry s books read to date.It s a simple story, but well weighted Just enough description to set the scene In a few pages we get the characters, enough back story for it to make sense and a plot.While some of Barry s books get down and very dirty, the sex here is like sweet chili sauce Hot with just enough spice and a pleasant after taste Shows what can be done with just a few words.

About the Author: Barry Lowe

Naughty or nice Sugar or Spice Whatever way you like it, Barry Lowe writes M M Romance and Erotica that s as addictive and satisfying as your morning cup of coffee If you like it short and sweet with a happy ending then saucy romance is for you But if you like a stronger brew with fetish, cuckold relationships, taboo, and all things steamy then try the Erotica but watch out for the heat

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