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Against the Wind They were known as the no account Raines boys, but they ve grown into successful, honorable men and everything they have, they ve fought for tooth and nail Now each of the three brothers has one last obstacle to overcome to claim what s eluding them loveSecrets don t stay buried long in cattle country Sarah Allen, the beautiful girl who humiliated Jackson Raines in high school, is back in town Not so long ago, she couldn t wait to leave Wind Canyon, Wyoming, in her dust But, recently widowed, she has nowhere else to go and finds herself on Jackson s ranch And despite everything, Jackson s finding himself reluctant to get rid of herSarah brings her own kind of trouble, and he can t resist trouble Enemies of her dead husband show up making threats, thinking she has something they re owed They re not taking no for an answer, but what they will take is the one thing she has left her daughter Jackson s the only one who might be able to save little Holly and bring her home

About the Author: Kat Martin

Kathleen Kelly Martin aka Kathy Lawrence, Kasey Mars Kathleen Kelly was born on 14 July 1947 in the Central Valley of California, USA She obtained a degree in Anthropology and also studied History at the University of California in Santa Barbara She was a real estate broker, when she met her future husband, Larry Jay Martin A short time after the two became acquainted, Larry asked her to read an unpublished manuscript of an historical western he d written Kat fell in love with both the book and the author Then, after doing some editing for him, she thought she d try her own hand at writing She moved on to become a full time writer.Published since 1988, she singed her books with her married name, Kat Martin, but she also used two pseudonyms Kathy Lawrence for a book in collaboration with her husband Larry Jay Martin, and Kasey Mars for her first contemporary romances The New York Times bestselling writer, among her many awards, has won the prestigious RT Book Review Magazine Career Achievement Award To date, Kat has over eleven million copies of her books in print She has been published in seventeen foreign countries, including England, South Africa, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Bulgaria, China, and Korea.Currently residing with her husband, a Western writer and photographer, in Missoula, Montana, USA But when they are not writing, they also enjoy skiing and traveling, particularly to Europe I ve always loved books I was an avid reader, with any number of my own stories rolling around in my head Writing them down seemed a logical step I love anything old, Kat says I love to travel and especially like to visit the places where my books are set My husband and I often stay in out of the way inns and houses built in times past It s fun and it gives a wonderful sense of a by gone era.

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    This was the first book that I ve read by Kat Martin, so I went into it with no preconceived ideas of what to expect from her storytelling and writing style I know she s published several books, so I expected, at the very least, to enjoy the story, which for the most part, I did While I think that the premise of the story, and Jackson Raines as a character, were good,

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here 4 stars Contemporary Western Romance Romantic SuspenseThis is the first book in Kat Martin s new trilogy about three close brothers from Wind Canyon, Wyoming who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, were once hellraisers known as the no account Raines boys , and are now successful, honor

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    Good book that kept me interested to the end Sarah has returned to Wind Canyon after the murder of her husband She had left town in search of a better life and thought she found it, only to find that her husband was abusive and a crook She has sold everything to pay his debts but is still being harassed by people who are looking for something he had She has gotten a job w

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    It has been a while since I have disliked a book this much.I really wanted to like this book In fact I ordered the second book in the series with the anticipation of enjoying this first one But the fact is I hated it I could not get into it at all I never got attached to the characters and the storyline never jived with me.First of all, Sarah was beyond cruel to Jackson in

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    I received this copy of the book as an ARC from NetGalley It has been a while since I d read any Kat Martin and her last few books just hadn t interested me in fact, her last trilogy is still sitting on my TBR pile But with a new contemporary series, I figured I would give her a try again It wasn t a hard read and was mildly entertaining, but everything in it just seemed so c

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    My thoughts and feelings while reading 0.0% Ive recieved the 11 book in this series from netgalley and although its the first in an interconnecting series I dont like starting series half way through haha excited to start this book though I like books with kids, I havent read a western in while and Im in the mood for some suspense D5.0% Sarah hadn t just said no Aww Poor Jackso

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    Against the Wind2 StarsSynopsis Following the murder of her abusive husband, Sarah Allen returns to her home town in Wyoming to start afresh Unfortunately, trouble seems to follow, first when she rents a cottage from Jackson Raines, the man she rejected and humiliated in high school, and then when her husband s enemies become convinced that she has something they want and are not

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    AGAINST THE WIND Book 1 in the Raines Brothers Trilogy by Kat Martin12 10 Mira Mass Market Paperback, 400 pages ISBN 13 9780778329190A wonderful wind sweeping romance and mysterySarah Allen is not running from her past she is just packing it up and moving away from it with her daughter Holly Leaving the baggage her murdered husband created is the best option since his life left her

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    Several problems with this book, most stemming from the suspense part Sarah is in danger not just subtle vandalism, but people holding guns up to her head Her husband was murdered This is not just a random act of violence First when her new cottage gets ransacked she doesn t come out and tell anyone right off about her husband s murder or that she has been harassed to turn over a dis

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    Sometimes I think meh reviews are actually the hardest to write A book I love, I can go on and on A book I hated, sometimes that s even easier But a book that was just fine is hard to discuss Anyway, nothing really wrong with this book I liked both Jackson and Sarah Sarah was certainly a sympathetic character but in some ways it was almost too much Too many mustache twirling villains c

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